Best Dog Food Taste Test

Best Dog Food Taste Test

We give our dogs Iams, Pedigree, Purina, and more common dog food brands, but how good do they actually taste? GMM #1498

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  1. So Funny. This I’m Sure Brought a Lot Of Smiles to the World. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing. Should Re-Do with The Dogs Watching. I Would Love to See the Dogs Reaction.

  2. My dog eats Taste of the Wild High Prarie, she loves it! But she prefers to have some mixed in with canned

  3. whenever you were a little kid have you ever just took some of your pet’s food and eat it to see what it tastes like?

  4. That was the first time I’ve ever heard link eat something and say to Rhett “it’s not THAT bad”

  5. I’ve never tried wet dog food or dryd dog food before cause I’m afraid to know what it is going to tast like

  6. They didnt engineer anything at hills they just took out the wheat. Sit down and actually compare the ingredients.

  7. Watched this right after their Grape Nuts vlog and Rhett’s talking about HIll’s Science Diet being Grape nutty! Can’t tell which they enjoyed more…

  8. omg this was awesome! I got so jelly just watching you guys >_< they looked so good LOL i tried dog biscuit before and it wasn’t bad 😛

  9. As a general rule, any time the label says "venison", it’s usually donated roadkill. Most all gog foods contain roadkill. So, Bon-Appa-opposum.

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