BEST DOG FOOD // What to Look for in Raw Dog Food

BEST DOG FOOD // What to Look for in Raw Dog Food

Picking the best dog food is TOUGH, and in this video I share what I look for when buying raw dog food for my dogs in this pet food buying guide.

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  1. Hi!

    thanks for this <3

    what do you think of Stella and Chewy’s? They have meal mixers and alot of raw food?

  2. Vena is currently on Stella and chewys raw coated kibble she prefers kibble. She doesn’t really get that deep into raw she prefers stuff cooked. Now she does like raw chicken feet so we try to squeeze as much as that in with her diet. Goldie is now getting Stella and chewys kibble in morning with pumpkin. And in evening Goldie gets primal raw grind with all the bone and organ in there and a chicken drumstick. One week she will get turkey grind and next week say pork along with a drumstick to help keep her teeth strong. And Vena also likes beef bones twice a week. I try to include as much raw in their diet as possible and every little bit helps.

  3. Hi Rachel, my wife and I just adopted a little blue min pin. I just found your channel and have been bingeing all afternoon.
    I consider myself a pretty good dog parent. Years ago I had four small dogs and put them all on the BARF diet with excellent results. My question is this and if you have a video that explains it please let me know so I can find it. Do you have a recommendation for a good way to put together a proper diet for someone who prepares all of there own meals rather than buying pre-made from a store.
    My other four got a good mix of beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and so on. It can get pretty expensive, as you can imagine, but I’m convinced that I save on the vet bills over time. Anyway, our new pup is only 2lbs. so I’m wondering how and what to start her on. Thank you so much for advocating this program, let’s work to make more pet parents aware of the benefits of this natural diet. Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. Appreciate Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried – Chireetler Eating Program Rule (just google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for discovering the secret the dog food industry is hiding minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my friend Sam at last got cool success with it.

  5. Love that you support the local companies! Good for the economy and for raw food to get more popular. Another reason to support those local companies is that they produce locally which is very sustainable. This is because they do not need to get their products from other countries which causes a lot of pollution. Do you also try to be more sustainable? Loved this video hope to see more of these and some diy videos to make some meals or treats for dogs

  6. I just got a dog a week ago and I love your videos!! So helpful I feed my dog raw food but I will look more into the way it is made now

  7. Early ish! Awesome video and perfect timing my dog has been having allergies to her food and I’m sure this’ll help loads

  8. Im getting a new puppy soon but i want to know if we live in a condo
    Can it be done. Potty traing with Pee pads.
    How to stop puppy chewing. My mom has tubing for her Oxegen. 50ft

  9. Thank you so much for this video, it was incredibly informative! We all love a new video made by a queen like you ❤️❤️❤️ I honestly wish I could hit the like button over a million times.

  10. I’m I’m late really late but is this food good for French bulldog puppies what’s good for them and they grow up

  11. What are your thoughts on cooking for your dogs and adding a supplement?
    I switched my senior dog to homemade food with a supplement and he looooooves it. But I want to make sure he is getting his vitamins.

  12. I joined a local co-OP for raw dog food and everything else dog because of you! So happy I came across your channel!!

  13. Planning on switching to Bones & Co. Raw dog food when my puppy turns 6 months old! (4 more months to go!!!)

  14. Will a "soft" food diet make the dog get diarrhea? I thought with hard and soft, the stool would be. hard.

  15. omg I love your vids my parents own a ranch called Cool Springs Ranch none gmo and none cemecalse and we sell raw pet food with chicken carceses and tripe and all that healthy stuff for dogs and we have lots of meat for people to if you want you can look up COOL SPRINGS RANCH.COM I am on my sisters account so I am not Kate I am Tess Covlin love you and your dogs

  16. I will be bringing home a puppy in a couple of weeks, and I have been watching your videos for tips and tricks. I was looking into dog foods, and was wondering if you think Acana Puppy and Junior dog food would be a good choice for a puppy?

  17. I’ve heard negative things about both kibble and raw food for dogs. Which one has the most health benefits? Which one has the worst health effects?

  18. Thank you for all these wonderful videos, they have helped me make decisions for my new puppy. You have such a genuine soul.

  19. Who has their notifications turned on?! Comment below, let me see that early squad!! This video was requested by all, and made for yall. XOXO

  20. Do you have specific brands you recommend? Maybe a few to take a look at, this is just a lot of information and I think I would do better if I had a base point of what brands could be good

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