Best Dog Training Treats For Better Results

Best Dog Training Treats For Better Results

Best Dog Training Treats for Better Results // Want the best dog training treats for better results? In this video, you’ll learn what the top dog training treats are and how puppy training can go much faster with the right rewards. Dog treats are great for training dogs and puppies. You’ll also discover my top training tips for better recall or come command and how you can use dog food as a treat to reward your dog for a good job following commands.

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  1. Thanks for watching the video Best Dog Training Treats for Better Results! Which treats do you use with training or which will you try next?

  2. Really good advice! My dog loves hot dogs more than anything, and I know they are not good for him, but he is really picky, and won’t take kibble or dry treats as a reward, even when I go to one meal a day. I have found that he loves plain chicken, cut in really small pieces, just as much. I put chicken leg quarters in the crock pot, let it cool, removed the skin, and cut it into tiny pieces. I put it in snack baggies, then in a freezer bag. I thaw as needed, or he even likes it partially frozen! My dog is little, so these little treats last 3 days and I know that he is getting high quality protein and no fillers. Also cheaper than high quality training treats. I’m going to start doing the same thing with some other meats so I can mix it up. Liver, beef, lamb, etc. as I find them on sale. I’m going to try a couple of the high quality training treats you mentioned also, for times when using real meat isn’t practical.. Thanks for your advice!!! New sub.

  3. Use meal time as training , I like that tip!
    Though I’m not training dogs, but good to know.
    I subscribed and will watch more of your videos. Fellow boss here, happy to see you on my end too 🙂

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