Best Firestick Remote App Must Have on Amazon FireTV And Kodi 17.4

Best Firestick Remote App Must Have on Amazon FireTV And Kodi 17.4

This is the best app i have used with my amazon firestick. Don’t know why i haven’t used it sooner.

Amazon 4k Fire Tv:
Amazon Firestick I Use:
Amazon Echo i use:
Amazon Tv Media Center:


  1. The button beside the keyboard button is awesome. It shows all of your apps and games and with just a click takes you right to them.

  2. My other kodi build 17.4 doesn’t work properly rlysuim app has nothing in it and now the covenant some movies doesn’t work at all

  3. There’s got to be a way to install retro video games. Do you know of anything like this? Thanks for these vids bro, you give clear instructions and my firestick is on point!

  4. I only use this if I have to enter a lot of info with the keyboard feature, otherwise it’s to jerky when trying to scroll. It works and it’s free but I prefer the original remote.

  5. I love this much better than kodi, although I have very little storage left, not worried unless you can help me clean things up. I followed your download, I have fire stick with Alexa, down to the last part of download, where you pic mxplayer the box popped up beta I tried hitting my player but it disappeared so fast so I’m not sure if I’m running off beta,and if so is that a problem though every thing seems to be working fine ty again your the best. Please advise on the beta. Ty very much.

  6. How I’m going to use it if I can’t see the code to put it on the app. When I change HDMI the amazon fire stick is on standby

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