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Best Toys for Rats | Pet Rats

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It’s really important to put some effort into enriching your pets lives, and this is no exception with pet rats. Keep in mind that rats tend to be animals that are going to spend the majority of time in their cage, and it’s important to have various forms of enrichment for them so that they have things to do and things to entertain them.

Most commonly people will provide them with nesting type materials. They like to shred, they like to chew. Sometimes it’s as simple as a handful of paper towels that they can tear apart and build a nice big nest to hide in. Some things to put in the cage that often are good for them, maybe blocks to chew on. They may like to have stuffed animals to carry around or to play with. Other things for rats to use sometimes are the hanging types of bird toys that people sometimes think of for large birds. They’re rope, they’re pieces of leather, they’re wooden blocks, they’re safe, they don’t have any artificial chemicals on them. And it provides the rats, if they choose, with something to chew on, something to play with, ropes to shred.

Another thing that rats like that maybe is not a toy are hanging hammocks and hanging beds in their enclosures. They will very often spend a lot of time shredding them, chewing them. They often decide that they want to create a bed, and they create a very fluffy burrow type bed, so they’ll not consider it a toy. Providing them with safe materials to chew up. Providing them with things to shred. Providing them with pet store cotton that’s safe to use with small rodents for them to shred and create a nest as well.

In most cases, they’re not necessarily going to play with toys, but it’s good to provide them with forms of enrichment such as things hanging in the cage, things they have to climb to reach, you may want to put certain treats in certain areas that provide them with the means to have to get to that treat so it’s not as readily available so it in a sense gives them things to do. But wooden blocks to chew on, they may prefer to have other types of small child’s toys like plastic rings, and some rats will actually use these, carry them around and play with them .

So just keep in mind anything that seems safe, anything that seems like it’s not something they could chew and ingest and potentially lead to health problems, but anything that’s going to lead to a more enriching cage lifestyle is going to be an appropriate toy. Not to mention the old fashioned toilet paper cardboard rolls or paper towel cardboard rolls. Rats will sometimes climb through these, use them as tunnels, and they’ll actually chew them as well and use them as bedding material.


  1. mine is super spoiled she has open range of the room usually is on her pillow on the bed & only chews her wood toys
    so am I lucky or did I just do a good job from a young age with her

  2. Remember that a home made hammock from fleece is much cheaper than ones from pet shops and yet it does the same job. Try to also go to ikea and other places to buy plastic boxes to turn into hide outs or platforms for the rats to hand inside of. Generally you’ll save a lot of money by making things from cardboard and plastic, wood, or by buying non pet products and turning it into pet stuff. I don’t recommend wooden platforms as the urine of the rats will soak and create tons of ammonia, which can suffocate the rat over time or cause lung issues. Wash the wooden platform a lot if you already happened to bought one by accident, it’ll expand the lifespan of it until it begins to reek and gets dangerous.

  3. You idiot don’t give em cotton. It’ll get stuck and wrapped around the rats feet, this will cut off the blood flow and may even inspire the rat to chew off their foot to escape.

  4. My rats love those little tiny bird & cat balls with bells inside, they carry them around, and sometimes roll them down the ladders inside their cage. They’re super cheap & made of pet safe plastic! 

  5. I have rats I give them wood chips (not softwood of course!) And newspaper. They shred the news paper and make giant nests that they snuggle in ( Unless they are fighting). They got a little yellow pouch to sit in but they mostly chew on it, wood blocks that hang in there cage that they climb on and chew, a coconut house that hangs from the top and side of their cage ( I hide treats here) that they like, a green house that they hide in and don’t chew at all, a wood teeter tottering for training, and a wheel. These are all things they enjoy and they are quite happy little critters. They love chewing through rope-if I hang anything up they just chew it down! These cute girlies love to play outside and learn tricks. I recommend doing all of the above for your ratsy’s!! <3

  6.  Cheap box of tissues, take plastic bit out, put in and let the FUN begin 🙂 biscuit boxes, pringle tins with the other end cut off  make tunnels, type in rat hammocks and vids will come up on how to make them. You don’t need to spend a heap of money to get toys, go to the charity shops and look for kids toys that they could climb on and in. Most don’t destroy everything they have in there house..DIY is the way to go, as long as you know it’s non toxic 🙂

  7. I just ordered some key rings and small bells. They love those. Plus they are cheap and come in a big bag so if they accidentally get vacuumed up by the shop vac no big loss, just make another in like 30 seconds.

  8. Cotton will wrap around the animal’s fingers cutting off blood supply. Do not give them that as it’s not safe!
    When I had rats, I found that they didn’t like most of the pet toys that I bought.
    They enjoyed digging so I left a thick layer of paper litter as the cage bedding (many times I found piles of it kicked out of the cage. Wooden litter was fun for them to chew through but it left behind sawdust which as I read was not very healthy for them.
    They really enjoyed sitting and gradually demolishing hammocks sewn for them from old jeans and t-shirts. If you do that, make sure you clean them out in the bathtub very often (once every few days) as they will gather food remains/bedding material and will get pissed on plentifully. 
    Their favorite toys were plain printer paper sheets and very thin wooden chopsticks or something you’d play pick-up sticks with. Paper would be crumpled and then carried up to the hammocks with many failed attempts keeping me up at night whereas the chopsticks were quickly chewed through down to bits giving them something to nibble in hours when I was away. My rats didn’t seem to suffer from paper cuts or splinters for these toys.
    I hope this information gave you some extra ideas how to occupy your pets.

  9. Little plastic whiffle balls are great as you can put small treats in them and as the treats fall through the holes it’s like getting a prize.. Also they toss them around. Also jingle balls are fun, al well as small children’s squeaky bath toys or small dog and cat toys with no catnip. 🙂

  10. I have a new rat and I put a block in, a 2 inch wide and 1 inch pumpkin, a cake toy, and a car? ( I didn’t choose the car- ;w; ) I cut a tube a lil hole on top so she can run inside and beat it up

  11. You should never use cotton or fluff. It can git caught in there limbs. And if eaten they could die. So never ever use cotton or fluff bedding with a rat or any small rodent! 

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