Best Wireless Accessories You Must Try

Best Wireless Accessories You Must Try

Best Wireless Accessories You Must Try

1. Pod 2 GPS + WiFi Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor –
Pod is the smallest and lightest GPS tracker plus activity monitor for dogs and cats designed to be attached to any size collar. It lets you locate your pet on demand, monitor their activity and record adventures on a smartphone or computer.

2. Octofire Multi USB Charger –
OctoFire is industry’s first 8-Port multi USB charger, which delivers high power output of 84 Watts / 16.8 Amps (2.1 Amps per port). It is designed to intelligently charge multiple power hungry tablets, smartphones and other USB devices at the optimal current.

3. MYNT Smart Tracker & Remote –
MYNT is not the average tracker made from LEGO blocks. This tiny wonder is the world’s thinnest tracker and remote, crafted with a metallic body, and polished with steel, sandblast, or mirror surface.

4. MESH Smart Triggers – DIY Starter Kit –
Use MESH for an instantly smarter life. Set up MESH app-enabled triggers to make just about anything smarter with automation – a coffee maker, connected light bulb, speaker, wearable, or anything you’d like. You can get started with just one rechargeable, reusable MESH smart trigger.

5. LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock for Smart Home –
LaMetric Time tracks time, weather, emails, calendar events, tweets, followers, news, deadlines and any other metric needed for your home or business, and displays them almost in real-time! It works as an always-on display for the whole family by showing notifications from smart home devices and allowing anyone to control them with the click of a button.

6. Sleep Pill for Sense –
Your Sleep Pill recognizes your sleep through your movement during the night without ever needing to be charged – its replaceable battery will last an entire year. Just keep it clipped to your pillow, and sleep. That’s it.


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