Big baby: Massachusetts mum gives birth to 14.5 pound little girl

Big baby: Massachusetts mum gives birth to 14.5 pound little girl

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A new-born baby in Massachusetts has been getting a lot more attention than most newborns. Massachusetts General Hospital welcomed Carisa Ruscak on April 22nd – the second biggest baby staff have ever delivered. The new-born weighed in at 14 and a half pounds and 22 inches long to parents Caroline and Bryan. Carisa was delivered via c-section and is said to be the largest baby delivered at the hospital in more than a decade. Carisa’s parents said they were prepared for her birth as her older sister was also a big baby weighing 10 and a half pounds. Now that’s what you call hard labour. Report by Claire Lomas.

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  1. To all the rude ignorant people commenting you all don’t know squat. My nephew was 11lbs. Huge baby!! At 30, he is well within his weight range for someone who turned out to be SIX FOOT SIX. This couple don’t live more than a few towns over from me, so we have seen the live videos for ourselves, not some news snippet off the evening news. This baby was not only on the heavy side but was over 22" long as well. They are checking her for generic diseases that could escalate her condition,

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