Bill Allowing Restaurants to Turn Away Service Animals Fails

Bill Allowing Restaurants to Turn Away Service Animals Fails

An Arizona bill proposed allowing restaurants to turn away customers with service animals. Rep. Bob Thorpe says he created the bill to stop “bad actors” who pretend their family pets are service dogs. The disability community came out against the bill and it ultimately failed.

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  1. Has state senator ever heard of ADA LAWS which says a service animal is allowed to go anywhere with its Handler federal law supersedes state law you don’t like it too bad deal with it

  2. Being deaf is a Disability, you may not see it, it is there, same with being blind..also there are only 2 questions that can be asked when being confronted by a person with a Therapy or Service dog "is your dog a Service Dog?" and "What tasks does the dog perform?"

  3. As a sdit handler I love how easy it is for me to just get my dog a vest. I was able to get one cheap and quick for my sdit Floki who is a psychiatric sdit

  4. the thing to remember here is that the legislators them selves do not need a service animal, and most have a very small dog, a mall cat or goldfish and makes these suggested laws because they do not understand combined with an underlaying fear esepcially towards service dogs of certain sizes and species

  5. I want "* voluntary* registration and testing to the Assistance Dog International standard, which is the standard many agencies uses. If and only if we can get all 50 states to agree on voluntary standards and set up a means to make this accessible to all teams, can we get a national mandatory registration and ID. Given we cannot get them to agree if right on red is legal, I’m not holding my breath. Canada is or has (haven’t check the status in a while) been working on getting provincial standards to agree.
    There are not enough SD trained to meet the need, as many agencies don’t train for multiple issues, or train only for specific population. The agency in this report trains PTSD and mobility SD only for vets and police officers but not diabetic response too. Nor will they do so for me, who needs PTSD, mobility, and seizure response for someone who was an research scientist, has trauma based SCI / TBI , and rape victim.
    Plus the $ 20 000 to $ 30 000 average cost is prohibitively expensive for most in the disability community because we are lucky if we get that much money in a year. This is why mine is owner trained. My SD is owner trained with more than 100 documented trained tasks that mitigates my issues. Without my SD, I have no chance of becoming partially independent or employed.

  6. What a stupid asshole Thorpe is. If he wanted to help the situation he would have written a bill to force the state to set up a registration process that would issue official ID for real service dogs. That would weed out the yahoos claiming their house pets were real service dogs. Service dogs should be trained and certified by the trainer.

  7. Another idiot politician "serving the public". Wonder why he didn’t go after the people cheating? Oh, forgot. Because he’s an idiot politician.

  8. Turning away service dogs because of fakes is never the solution. Discourage people from faking service dogs by educating people without a service dog is a step in the right direction

  9. So punish those that are really disabled with service dogs because of the ones that are not disabled. Shoot why not just prosecute everyone in a store for shoplifting if one person in there shoplifts.

  10. just like a republican to make such a bill! What would he have done next make a bill to ban people in wheelchairs the blind with canes, people with Cochlear implants. people with medical / physical issues and or disordersI or people with other disabilities i.e. Autism/Down syndrome. I feel yes that would happen next just like a republican to do such a thing.

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