Bills vs. Broncos Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2020

Bills vs. Broncos Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2020

The Buffalo Bills take on the Denver Broncos during Week 15 of the 2020 NFL season.

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  1. Still can’t believe the corrupt refs took away three touchdowns from Buffalo.
    The score should have been 69 to 19, Bills!

  2. And you could easily add 14p to the Bills there, but a few sloppy red zone moves.
    Bills enter red zone
    Ref: illegal formation

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  4. GO BILLS!!!! Great game, just wish coaches could stress or teach gamesmanship a little more!! Wish Devon Singletary
    would have taken a knee at the 1yd line at the end of the game so Bills could have just run out the clock. Take Todd Gurley,
    last year downed the ball TWICE as the 1 and 2yd lines to run out the clock. But am so proud of this team!!

  5. i just found out, a day ago, that my beloved bills are doing bloody amazingly well this year!! i had no idea nor inkling!!! will this be the year??

  6. One more game then shave and go home. Another helpful NOFL season. Easy not to watch or care with a season like our Broncos gave us this year.

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  8. Kyle Derrick Williams this for you 95 we miss you Lorenzo Alexander 57 this is for you we miss you Fred 22 Jackson this is for you we miss you

  9. Feats of 2020 Bills:
    Get 10 wins: ✔
    Win the division: ✔
    Beat the patriots: ✔
    score 48 points: ✔
    QB Pro Bowl appearance: ✔
    Top 3 power ranking: ✔
    Win on Prime Time: ✔
    Improving defense: ✔
    Turnovers to touchdowns: ✔
    4000 Yard passing yards: ✔
    Pull an upset: ✔
    Best fanbase: ✔

    Win a playoff game: Win 2 playoff games: AFC champions: Super bowl champions:

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