Black Desert: Making pet food (Good Feed)

Black Desert: Making pet food (Good Feed)

Step-by-step guide on making food for your pet, including how to get all the ingredients.

Recipes discussed in this video:
Good Feed

Links to other videos mentioned:

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  1. holy shit, thank you for this tutorial.. every video ive seen so far literally just tells you what to do but never show how to do it… great video

  2. Favorite person to get tutorials from. Short, quick, but cohesive in that you at least broach all related subjects that someone might need to know about in regards to the primary objective of making the feed. Well done.

  3. Well done! I have to wonder how much of an idiot one needs to be in order to downvote this video. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!

  4. Awesome video! Your videos are very helpful, especially in that you don’t skip steps that are assumed to be common knowledge… Some of us dummies need the full spiel, so it’s much appreciated when you take the time to lay down every little detail!
    Higher quality feed is often sold out on the marketplace (shoot, even cheap feed is never available) and pearl food is incredibly lame and relatively expensive (for what it is). Adding the fact that I keep forgetting to stow my pets when I stop killing monsters and go afk running, good feed supply is crucial! Thanks a million (yet again!)!

  5. Doesn’t work for me. Always get “cooking failed”. Using: 6x lamb meat + 2x Dried saurel + 3x mineral water + 4x barley flour

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