Bringing Home a New Dog – 5 Tips from Olive’s first week

Bringing Home a New Dog – 5 Tips from Olive’s first week

Bringing Home a New Dog – 5 Tips from Olive’s first week

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About this video:
In this video, Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training takes you through the process of bringing home a new dog or puppy and helping them adjust quickly. Getting a new dog is always a stressful process, but with these 5 areas to work on in your management plan, you’ll be on your way to a happy, healthy home. Also features our new little Boston Terrier, Olive!

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  1. Hi I’m loving the videos, watched them before I got the pups and now I’m watching again. These have been a great help. I’m doing the crate training and it all seems to be going very well. We got them at 8 weeks, its now 11 weeks, they sleep in them in the day, and all through the nights, but still not so happy to just lounge/chew in them. They want to be outside of them. I’m assuming this will happen? I will have to leave them soon and don’t know how they will be? (They have separate crates, and it depends on them as to whether they are together or not. Any tips? They are Border Terrier poodle crosses. Brother and sister.

  2. Wow, really good valuable content. Also, damn the shelter dogs knowing to shake but not how to stay in a home hit me hard. Sad, but makes total sense.

  3. What should I do if 6 month old puppy isn’t using the bathroom at our house? How do i get/teach him to use the bathroom here? She had a specific spot at her breeders house so now she doesn’t know what spot is hers to pee on. please help!

  4. When you bring home a new puppy do you feed them from the bowl at structured times or do you use the kong to help them want to get in their crate?

  5. Just adopted an 8 year old rescued dog… She is seriously ansious/fearfull, wont respond to food or treats, resists going outside (or anywhere, she just wants to lay in her crate all day long or in the couch). If we try to convince her eg.going outside for potty or leave/enter her crate, she just gets stiff and starts shaking… It’s been so hard to have the most simple routines… Any advice?

  6. I have recently become the proud owner of an 21 week old Alaskan Shepherd girl. She was named "Rogue" by her previous owners but on day two I changed it to "Luna". The name Rogue didn’t sit right with me because when I was saying it it sounded too close to No. I will be implementing the tips given her along with her new name from today onwards. Thanks man!

  7. These videos have been so helpful as I’m getting ready to bring a puppy home! I do have one question: I had been planning on establishing a mealtime routine right away by getting the puppy used to eating out of her bowl in a certain spot at a certain time, but I’ve also heard you recommend feeding puppies through toys like Kongs. Which should I be doing?

  8. I’m getting a Siberian husky its a girl! She is 8m how should i act when she gets home! Or what should my first expression be when I first meet her? Please answer

  9. Our Mountain Cur is about to be 17 weeks. Her name is Maze and is amazing, smart, and beautiful. She tends to two things that are hard for us to get her to stop.

    1)She has possessive aggression towards odd items like trash or random items sticks, leaves, you name it….except for food. Not with food, she is fine there. Thankfully!

    2)She growls and also tries to pull us or nip. Should we follow your "ow" technique because that has helped with her nipping and knowing what and when play biting is fine.

    -Concerned Furr Parents

  10. Found this really helpful -anticipating my 9 week old Havanese puppy in one week and the emphasis on management and routine will make Starlight’s welcome to my home so much easier.

  11. My wife and I just rehomed a 2 year old lurcher cross from our local rescue. Dozens of Simpawtico videos have helped us make this potentially challenging experience a seamless, easy and enjoyable process! Ian is a captivating educator with a wealth of knowledge and quick tips that have formed the backbone of how we show our love and care for our new family member! I’d be so lost without these beautifully edited and well structured vides!!

  12. For how many hours is the dog left alone in that super small create without a possibility to move?
    Is it only me who is not happy with this part??

  13. Having a last minute check in before we collect our puppy in 2.5 hours!! Feel so much more prepared having watched your videos over the last few weeks… thank you!!!!

  14. Routines are great but how is it helpful when the pup wont do what you want during your routine? I always take him out to go potty but all he does is lay in the grass. He will not potty outside. Potty routines dont work. Help?!

  15. How do I get my 4lb hyper active Chihuahua/Pug mix(Chug) 6 month old puppy to come when I call her when it’s time to go inside after play time? It’s impossible to catch her because she constantly runs about 50mph!

  16. We are experienced owners and we’ll have a new puppy soon. I would like to introduce schedule meals but I’m afraid he’ll eat up in the cat bowl. Any tips?

  17. We have a puppy who’s now 10 weeks. Border collie blue healer mix. After watching this video, we realized we did it all backwards. Is it “too late” or can I start now on being super structured and change the way we do some things?

  18. New puppy owner.
    My little girl and I have been doing what you teach, we are doing great.
    Our number one concern….we want to prevent a barking yappy dog.
    Dunkin is a miniature poodle. Everyone says we won’t be able to teach him not to bark..
    HELP…we want to prove them wrong, just need the knowledge do so.

  19. My puppy is 5 weeks and he piss in right place most of the time , but never get pupps in the right place . Any tip ?

  20. Hi, first, your videos are great. I have had dogs and followed your advice and it works great. In a few weeks I will get my new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. At the kennel they adviced me to go to puppy training class, but preferably one where the trainer is used to Ridgebacks, their way of playing and communicate is so different. They told me how they where at a class and it ended badly, the trainer missunderstod all signals from the Ridgeback (she had onle had one type of dog earlier but opened up for all dogs). My question is this, can I follow all your advice in your videos with my new puppy or do I have to seek for information about Rhodesians (and similar dogs)?

  21. Thank you, I need so many tips, puppy blues were okay at first but it’s been 4 months and they go on and off…I love my baby tho!! But she has like a weird split personality, I call her other personality “Drex” her name is “Lani” but anyway, I’m starting to notice that we will be chilling ect, but in the afternoon she gets EXTREMELY exited, for no reason and we can’t stop her, walks, treats, ANYTHING but I find all my afternoons crying because of “Drex” he growls when you try to pick him up/ tries to bite (I’m not sure if he’s being playful or not, kinda like he’s being sarcastic, he will like mouth you, when he gets on his belly, and growl a little, then he puts your whole hand in his mouth if you scream, he runs away and tries to find holes in the fence and cries to go in the front, you can’t get any free time with him…he is a no chill and I love when “Lani” is on the furniture but Drex just makes it kinda uncomfortable, because he doesn’t like when you pick him up, or if you put your hand just a little close to him he will growl or try to bite, playfully and “sarcasmish” I feel like the pet when “Drex” comes out and he is only enjoyable when “Lani” comes back out We can’t control him, “Lani” has non of these problems and we want to be around her all the time because she is so enjoyable but I really hate the feeling of afternoon time when I have to open the crate and Drex is waiting for me, I literally have a breakdown right at the spot and he just comes up to me and mouths me, Drex also begs, and I haven’t had lunch in like 4 days….lol What I’m trying to say is Lani is the sweetest thing you could ask for but when she gets excited and when it’s like the middle of the day/afternoon she goes crazy and uncontrollable and I try to train her not to act up during the afternoon time, but I need a trainer because it’s not working, but during Covid-19…….I’ve had to chase Drex many times in the woods, the streets, all to save “Lani” from getting ran over and eaten bye a fox, Lani has non of these behavior problems and does well with other dogs knows lots of obedience commands and goes on walks very well! She waits for me to tell her when to go out and “place” and other tricks and obedience commands and is basically potty trained, but “Drex” doesn’t like being picked up so we have to lure him to the potty before he pees on the floor with treats, he will only do things for a treat and will not get off the couch or furniture and barks whenever he wants, maybe my dog is being possessed or som, but I think it’s just that our routine got changed because of covid, I used to play in the morning, go to work ,come back and then play some more walk for 4 hours then bedtime and she caused no problems in the house, could be left alone while I was working, but now That I’m home and don’t work from home only a few days, she is crazy in the evenings, CRAZY! maybe she’s not use to me being here? Idk but I wish Covid 19 wasn’t a thing and that Drex would go away everyday, of course Drex is “Lani” but I just wish that side of her would go away, and she would be my companion day evening, and night, not just day, and night, I really don’t know what to do at this point….maybe if I get her spayed and when she turns 2 she will be better…I just hope “Drex” goes away….please give me advice, for puppy blues, and training….maybe she needs to go to the vet?….

  22. Hi! Great video, we are getting our first puppy next month and are so excited. Do you happen to have a sheet with all the "questions you need to ask" that we can print up to make sure we answer them all? Thanks for the video, it was great!

  23. Greatest video and channel I found on YouTube. I just adopted an English bull dog 5 month old. I felt so bad he got into such a worked up attack rage on other dogs and I punished him and now we are not getting along. I’m signing up with a trainer locating here in Denver. I hope to learn as much as possible because I have never done this before. I never owned or trained a dog let alone a bulldog. I love him so much but I need to train him like you guys on this channel. I got to get my lazy ass into shape and get them a plan and plan routines.

  24. I’m beginning the process of adopting a pet for the first time. Thanks so much for this. It’s clear and precise. I’m trying to craft a routine for my new friend.

  25. How did introducing Olive to your pups go? I am about to introduce my new pup to my 14 year old pup and I was wondering if you had any tips for that.

  26. If I’m gone from home 8-10 hours a day (@work) , a dog can be in the crate while I’m away from home that long, daily?

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