Camping with your Dog! Tips, Tricks & Accessories.

Camping with your Dog! Tips, Tricks & Accessories.

I wish so bad that we had a little 4-legged fur baby of our own, but we know that at the moment, it just isn’t in our cards. And so, we benefit from playing auntie and uncle to other little fur babies. And at our last trailer rally there were plenty of dogs to enjoy! Here are the tips and tricks from the owners for their best advice for camping with dogs.

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  1. All great ideas. I’ve used a 20ft webbed lead for 30 years through two dogs. It’s the best. I think once I get full time on the road, I’ll include a little fencing system, too. Teddy is not a fence jumper and it would be nice to have him off leash now and then. I’m also considering a self-contained paw washer. I’ll find a link and post it in a bit. THANKS!

  2. BRAVECTO IS GREAT! We live in Arkansas and there are so many fleas and ticks. With Bravecto we never have to worry about our fur-daughters ever getting them on them. We have used it for a couple years now and it is the only product that has ever worked to protect our girls.

  3. After 3 years of full-timing with our 2 dogs our favorite pet accessory is the GoGo Stik. It is the most ingenious poop stick in the world.

  4. We just picked up our 12-week old border collie puppy so the timing for this video is great. I will have to look further into first aid for pets. Thanks for posting.

  5. Another suggestion is go out of your way to find a Vet wherever you are. Our pets can get into all kinds of trouble in the Boonies. The best accessory is a good pair of shoes to walk with them and let them experience the Doggie Network!

  6. Thanks for this tip dogs camping companion!!! Loved everyone’s trips especially the one with three doggies cuz we have 3 too. They are 11, 9 and 2.

  7. Brevecto is great & I get a vaccine to help them drink water from rivers streams etc. In different states.

  8. Many campgrounds require proof of current rabies vaccination. The collar tag is not enough—you need to bring a copy of the actual vet record. You’ll need it if you plan on traveling over the border into Canada too.
    Also, a current photo of your dog helps if he decides to wander and you need to run around and search for him. Make sure his chip information is up to date too, plus his collar ID tags.
    We also pre-package their meals in small ziplocs for the number of days we plan on being away (plus some extra just in case) so we don’t have big bags or containers of food which are more difficult to store in a smaller RV. Makes mealtime really easy—-no measuring, just grab a bag.
    Oh, and one more thing. Check the policies of campgrounds before you plan on staying in one, especially if you have more than one dog. While planning a few weeks ago there were two that I had to take off my list after looking at their policies and seeing that they only allow one dog per site. Some are also starting to have breed and size restrictions.
    Great tips in the video—thanks for posting!

  9. Something we do is keep three special toys in the camper that our Lil guy only gets to enjoy while camping.

  10. Thanks for the valuable information.
    I used to be an Arizonan and your video makes me excited.
    I became your new Youtube friend and I’ll visit you often.

  11. Bringing medication, and dog medical history is a must. Also some dogs are prone to sunburn, must not keep them out to long in the sun. Our dog has slight hair, and he can get sunburn. We also carry doggles to protect our dogs eyes when going through the woods, and for the sun. Don’t forget your dogs favorite toys!!!Great video!

  12. Don’t forget to have their picture and chip information (paper and/or digitally), dog tags on them with your cell phone information, car seat and/or crate and use their harness when traveling, and their medical information including any allergies. Be sure to have your ICE (in case of emergency) on your phone.

  13. Once again, I Thank You! I plan on including my lil dog in most outings. Y’all have consistently provided helpful information that I will use and pass to others. Keep doing what ya do.

  14. By law, you are supposed to take a rabies certificate with you if you cross state lines. It is seldom an issue, but it is better to have one and not need it than need it and not have it. Your veterinarian should be able to supply you a copy.

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