Can Joel Embiid & Ben Simmons win the NBA title? First Take debates

Can Joel Embiid & Ben Simmons win the NBA title? First Take debates

Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins and Max Kellerman debate whether Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons can lead the Philadelphia 76ers to a championship under head coach Brett Brown.
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  1. Those 2 don’t have that killer mentality… Simmons game is easy to expose and embiid ain’t gonna b the best player on a championship team…

  2. I don’t agree with most of Perkins takes but he’s right on this one ,Brett brown is a bad coach and wasting talent in Philadelphia

  3. If we had butler I would say yeah but Not without a third scorer I feel like simmons needs to be ur 4-5th option not ur 2nd and 3rd

  4. The fit to me just doesn’t work, talent wise maybe they could win one, but it would have to be a result of injuries or something from the other teams

  5. Also can we give Jimmy Butler Credit? Sure he had some crazy stuff happen in the past, but every single team he’s been on has been competitive, and then plummeted without him. I think losing him last year was a big hit and Miami has now arguably become a better team…

  6. Ben Simmons is a lane clogger, an oversized rondo at best. Embiid needs shooters to pass out to. Philly needs to trade Simmons if he doesn’t learn how to shoot in the next 2 seasons if they want to compete for a title.

  7. and here is the next coaching debate. their most balldominant player cant shoot. he may have great attributes all around but that makes the whole offense really predictable and easy to defend in the playoffs. give brett brown luka or steph and stfu

  8. Ben’s personality is like Jay Cutler’s, an Embiid is to out there an goofy. Needs to be more like Tim Duncan.

  9. Absolutely not. Sixers will be one of the most underperforming teams when the NBA returns. They’ve already shown to have chemistry and consistency issues. And mark my words, Embiid is about to stink up the joint. There’s no chance that he’s been training and is in any decent shape.

  10. Simmons is soft and can’t shoot, Embiid is soft and injury prone…..No they will never win a championship let alone in this year

  11. No no and no. Simmons is soft. Embiid is soft and the coach is soft. Their core pieces are to dam soft.

  12. If i were the sixers, i’ll build around Ben. It’s easier, he’s younger, and more durable. They can’t keep both Embiid and him. Both can’t shoot. Trade Embiid to build around Ben, trade Tobias, wait out Al’s contract, and develop ShakeMilton

  13. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…their year to win was LAST YEAR and the YEAR BEFORE. They had boban who literally can touch the rim standing… come on. Then they lose jimmy butler and and JJ reddick, without those pieces they aren’t winning anything. Butler is the ONLY one who can push Embiid to his fullest potential.

  14. Smh I’m guessing they didn’t pay any attention to the 76ers when embiid was injured they Actually started to/was winning the roster is just fine it’s the coach

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