Canada immigration all set to increase

Canada immigration is all set to see a new high. The government of Canada plans to bring such changes into action which will make sure that the immigration policies are set correctly for the new goals to be achieved. The suggestions to increase Canada immigration have been suggested by the Advisory Council on Economic Growth to the federal minister Mr. Bill Morneau. 

 This council has suggested that the immigration to Canada should be increased to almost 50% over a period of next 5 years. As per its suggestions, the immigration numbers should be 4,50,000 per year. This committee considers it important to increase immigration so as to increase the economic growth of this nation.

Although this committee consists of only 14 members, it consists of prominent members like business executives, investors and venture capitalists. The current government has been working hard to increase immigration ever since it came into power. Since July last year to July in the current year, the immigration numbers were 3,20,932.

It is also the intent of current Immigration Minister, Mr John McCallum, to put a higher impetus to this procedure, because he believes that the aging population of this country can slow down the increase in GDP. Mr McCallum hails from the Liberal Party of this country which is quite accepting of skilled entrepreneurs and workers coming to this land.

The main stress of the new government’s immigration policies is to reduce the processing time for the visa. It has also succeeded in its aim because the processing time for permanent residency visas from July last year to this year has reduced by 42%.

The government of the different provinces have actually been pressing up the federal government for a large allocation of immigrants under the provincial nomination procedures because of the decline in their labor forces. There has been a decline in the working population as a percentage of the population, which has been a cause of worry for Canada.

The other suggestions which were given by this committee are actually suggesting that the IT laborers should not be subjected to Labor Market Impact Assessment which is mandatory for people who are hailing from other profiles and seeking to obtain a permanent residency in this country. Since the LMIA process ensures whether the Canadian positions can be filled by local residents or not, the hiring of foreigners for the same positions gets delayed. SoPsychology Articles, this advisory committee wants this LMIA to be done away with.

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