Cat Runs A Real Estate Office In Brooklyn | The Dodo City Pets

Cat Runs A Real Estate Office In Brooklyn | The Dodo City Pets

This Cat Runs A Real Estate Office In Brooklyn | Valentino’s dad found him as a stray and brought him to work at his real estate office in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Valentino immediately decided he owned the place — now he greets everyone who walks by the office and plants himself on the table during every lease signing!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this delightful story about dapper Valentino. Clearly, you all cherish… treasure him, and he reciprocates in his feline way.

  2. Guy going home from the gym alone on valentines day
    Valentino: "Hey! I’m walkin’ here!" In thick NY accent

  3. You can already see it on Valentino’s face. That face means business.
    I want a cat in my office too!

  4. I’m suprised no client comes in and say omg my allergy to cats can kill me ….. Speaking from someone who owns 7 cats, sometimes people are invited to my house and they tell me it’s a life risk for them to come over….. I’m shocked~

  5. Why does the cat even look like he has a business hair cut with a part in the middle? Sometimes life and coincidences are so strange. lol!

  6. Oh my gosh, he looks so beautiful! The look on his face makes me think of The Baron from "The Cat Returns" for some reason.

  7. I am a huge cat person, always have had my cats, I totally visit Valentino if I was there! Wonder what happens if someone is allergic. Some pep love can5 event be in the room as cat.

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