CATS in Ridiculously Adorable COSTUMES [Funny Pets]

CATS in Ridiculously Adorable COSTUMES [Funny Pets]

Cats in Ridiculously Adorable Costumes, check it out!
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Pretty Peacock Cat Costume – Literally Tells It’s Own Tail!

Best cat costume – pirat

Viral funny cat playing dead in Christmas costume

Cat Dreseed As Santa Does Can-Can Dance

Baby Burmese Cat Felix in Lion Costume

Cat Costume – Elephant

Dog eating cat’s hot dog costume

taj the cat super hero costume

Cat Hotdog Halloween Costume

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Cat on #Roomba | TexasGirly1979


Ragamuffin cat KOBAN wearing Hello Kitty costume in herself!? Genius! 😛

Funny cat with pirates costume

Cat in bee costume by Paylasman via

Cat Wears Dragon Costume

Minions Cat King Bob has Arrived – 小小兵小黃人貓國王蘿蔔駕到!

Halloween Cute Banana Cat

Funny Santa Cat Costume

Cat costume fail

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  1. Pore cats I hope there owners took the costumes off after they took the video the cats didn’t really like the costumes on them

  2. Most of the cats are rolling off the things they are standing on.

    “They see me rolling, they hating?”

    Yes the cats are hating those outfits.

  3. I feel like I have been betrayed, Yoshikage Kira costume is on the cat in the costume in the thumbnail, but it wasn’t in the video. I am now going through a crisis and am now attending therapy from this traumatic event. Thank you.

  4. The cats are clearly disoriented. They can’t figure out their bearings but it’s fun to watch. I used to dress my cat in my baby doll clothes and he hated it

  5. Fun fact about cats: if you put something tight on a cat’s waste they won’t be able to keep balance and will fall over.

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