Cherry Eye In Dogs: Natural Home Remedies

Cherry Eye In Dogs: Natural Home Remedies
If your dog has a prolapsed 3rd eyelid gland (Cherry Eye), fear not as surgery is not your only option. Dr Jones shows you natural remedies and a technique which can have you manually treat your dog’s cherry eye at home.

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  1. Does it normally affect 2 eyes at once because my dog a cockapoo seems to have something going on in both?

  2. One question I have that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere I read about cherry eye is how cautious to be with other dogs. My parents’ puppy has cherry eye and I have a puppy myself. They’re set to have it stitched back into place at the vet. Should caution be applied to the puppies playing together? Can rough play be detrimental?

  3. So, when is the point of no return?
    Because I found my dog had this about two days ago. And I literally can’t get an appointment at the vet until next Monday.

    I love your videos❤️ We rescue & have many animals in our house. I love your holistic solutions to the problems we have encountered. They really work! And you’ve saved us a fortune.
    Thank you!

  5. This is amazing!! Heated up a green tea/tea bag with honey and let it sit for 20 minutes then put it on my miniature dachshunds eye for 10 mins on and 10 mins off and repeated twice. She has woken up this morning looking prettier than ever!
    Thank you Doc!

  6. My dog has Uveitis. My Dr. Said don’t use honey. Are there any natural remedies for it? Can you do a video on it? They subscribed something too expensive.

  7. Hi doctor, I applied the tea drops and massaged my pups eye, his cherry eye has gone. This video was extremely helpful. Do I need to be cautious now and take him to the vet ?

  8. For every one who is not sure about what happen to your dogs eye.

    Certaibly take the advice of tea or honey for the eye.

    I taken the advice for the raw honey and hot water, it helpfully reduce the ( shut eye) on pug.

    For this was very helpful to see if anything else was wrong?

    The honey and water advice helped a whole lot which easy the swelling and pain,

    Which in turn helped the vet to see there was a scratch on the third eye lid.

    Thanks again doc!

  9. My chihuahua gets the cherry eye sometimes. I am going to try the tea and honey.
    Her other eye has severe dry eye to the point of her not being able to see out of it. Eye drops don’t seem to help.
    Would the tea and honey work for that also ? Or do you have another home remedy for that.
    Just subscribed. Thank you for doing these videos

  10. Thank you for your help! I was so worried about my 5 month old puppy! I massaged it back in, but I’ll buy some Earl Grey tea and raw honey to have on hand just in case it reoccurs! Best regards!

  11. I adopted a dog who had a cherry eye surgery during his neuter. After a few months, it came back. I gave him a doggy aspirin. (Pain relief and anti-inflammatory) I also swiped some antibiotic ointment from his eye surgery on there. (To prevent infection.) I also gave it a small massage to encourage it to go back into place. The next morning, it was back to normal.

  12. Thank you. I have a Cane Corso puppy and he’s developed cherry eye in both eyes at the same time! They’re talking about $1,500.00 surgery that I can’t afford to pay for until another 2 weeks. I’m going to try this

  13. 90 of the comments talking about how the video helped
    5 of the comments “wash your hands*
    1 comment other
    4 of the comments “poor puppy”

  14. Shouldn’t you have washed that white stuff from your hand before poking around the dogs eye? Surely would make sense lol

  15. Another veterinarian comments: I have been practicing 30 years. I have never heard of these ‘home remedies’. I looked it up on VIN (Veterinary Information Network), which has a massive data base and board certified specialists that respond to questions. I found nothing about these home remedies. I did find a note that trying to push the cherry eye back in will not have any long term success. I therefor WARN people not to trust Dr. Google or in this case Dr Youtube. I also could not find anything indicating cherry eye causes any infection. It is just inflammation, so using honey I cannot see beneficial (which is normally excellent for wounds). Would you put tea/hone in your eye?? The rest of his presentation is accurate. The only comments I would make are: The surgery, no matter how skilled you are, has a 20% relapse rate, so may need to be repeated. I personally do NOT recommend surgery, although the principle for the surgery is to reduced ‘dry eye’ formation (Keratoconjunctivitis sica or KCS) as the gland may atopy (die) from being prolapsed. I have never seen a dog get KCS (dry eye) by leaving the prolapse (and I have seen many in 30 years). It just does not look that pretty leaving them alone, but as I said, surgery is not 100%, it is not cheap (and sometimes it is very difficult). Ted Reitsma, B.Sc.,DVM

  16. Thank you, my Papillon keeps getting this back I . I can’t tell you how many times I have used the tea and also honey. Thank goodness for this remedy or I’d be broke going to the vet. Thank you so much .

  17. Pippie is such a sweet, patient girl! I hope she got a nice treat for showing us this home remedy. Many thanks to you both!

  18. What’s the name of the glucosamine pls so that I could buy it and how do I use it on my dog pls? Is it a pill to be added to food pls? Thanks for your advice, Dr Jones.

  19. I’ve a indie ( Indian breed ) female dog of 4.4 years. She has this in one eye , it’s been nearly 6 to 7 months.. vet had given eyedrop and a tablet.. initially it used to get light few times but now nothing happens.. I’m doing only your message few days.. still no progress.. should I try the tea formula???
    Please reply it’s urgent.. I can’t take her to surgery, finance problem

  20. My dog has had cherry eye and I’ve massaged it gentle in for a little while and it pops back in but definitely keep an eye on it for the next couples days…

  21. Since I started giving my dog filtered water from activated charcoal his cherry eye is gone now. Of course I can’t say that was 100% the cure but it’s interesting.

  22. 개새끼, 그 페인트묻은 더러운 손으로, 개의 눈 속을 뒤집어 까고, 만져대냐?
    무식한 xx.

  23. It worked! The honey lavender tea bag compress and light massage. Not immediately but, it healed overnight. She woke up this morning and she’s so beautiful! No more cherry eye. Thanks doc!

  24. Thank you so much for this, sure helps with making a sound choice. And not panicking. Keep up the great work.

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