Comparing Three Pet Hair Removers. Which One is Best?

Comparing Three Pet Hair Removers. Which One is Best?

Today I’m comparing three highly-rated pet hair removers from Amazon to see which one works the best. I only tested them with golden retriever hair, so your mileage may vary.

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• Pet Wedge:
• Lilly Brush:
• Fur-Zoff:

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  1. Definitivo voy a buscar la fur-zoff para mis muebles nuevos, odio cuando mi perrito se estruja en el. Gracias por las recomendaciones.

  2. The pet wedge is aquarium filter media. You can get a 3" thick 12×12 for about 6 bucks or less. Plus you can get open or closed cell for easier cleaning

  3. There’s a stray cat that sleeps on my outdoor furniture in the gazebo (I’m guessing to get out of the elements). I really don’t want to use my Dyson outside so, this was an excellent test for me to make an informed decision towards the purchase of a pet hair tool. Outdoor fabric is incredibly durable so I’ll most likely do well with your pick. I love your channel, it makes my purchases smart ones. Information is power!
    Thanks ❤️

  4. I got the KingKomb deshedder and hair remover all in one and let me tell you, this thing is amazing! The deshedder works great and is retractable for easy hair removal and the surface hair remover works wonders. It’s really comfortable to hold while doing either task.

  5. I used a Lilly brush on my carpet and seats of the car and it worked well IF you use different angles and short fast strokes. I was rather impressed with how well it works but I must admit the design is very simplistic and seems like I can find something lying around the house that would work just as well . Being rather inexpensive I didn’t mind the purchase.

  6. Ok I have two black labradors. There is nothing on this planet that deals with that, that doesn’t include twice daily vacuuming – minimum.

  7. Guy: It gets in the cracks pretty good
    Me: You can pull out the cushion and get all of it.
    My Mom: Get a sofa cover you can put in the washer.

  8. Different products work better on different items. You have to be very careful with the pumice stone thing, do not use near had surfaces such as dining chairs that have wooden frames, the pumice stone will scratch the wood or any hard surface. some sofa’s have wooden frames and exposed wood too. So be careful with that one. The sponge just looks like you would spend the whole day trying to clean that, and if reusing, the hairs on the wedge would then go back on the sofa!! Don’t use the same item for furniture as you use for clothes. The little red thing is just a piece of rubber – better off with rubber gloves!!

    The pet hair remover I use is very simple and works the best – it is the defuzzit, comb. Yes – the defuzzit comb that I use to comb my cats, works wonders on the carpet and smooth sofas, plus faux fur throws. I am not sure if it will work on anything embossed as in different textures. I have a chenelle sofa and it is brilliant for that and short pile carpet plus rugs. This comb is designed to remove hair from under the top coat or a cat or dog, it certainly get down to removing all hair from a carpet.. It does not cut on smooth surfaces, but be careful as I said – test it on the back of an embossed sofa to see if it combes smoothly. No need to buy lots of gadgets, use the defuzzit comb and rubber gloves and you will make a big difference. PS: I use a sticky roller type thing to remove anything on clothes. Or you can use clean rubber gloves for clothes. Here is what a professional cleaner recommends :

  9. Lillibrush is the same as the rubber thing you use to clean windows… i use it for our cars. And carpets… if i don’t wanna vacuum clean. I put a small rubber thing same as i use in the shower… i think you understand by now that I am not English speaking… lol

  10. The wedge and the stone look good, my shedder has short fine white hairs that get stuck in car carpet, hard as heck tho get out1

  11. Honestly they may all work but they are just a waste of money when comes to it you can use common stuff around the house that is about the same texture as these items and they will work just as well .. heck I use a regular foxtail brush to clean off my seats and it works amazingly

  12. Your best bet is to use a sticky or lint roller. If you wash the sticky roller well, it will last and it’s the best choice from an economical standpoint.

  13. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats. The best thing I have used (factor in price and performance) is a $1 squeegee from Dollar Tree…works like a dream on fabric couch cushions. Same concept as the Lily brush, but is much faster due to the increased length. For my lamp shades I use a sticky lint roller- the giant sized evercare extra sticky (blue label/handle)brand.

  14. As a car detailer, u can say the lily brush is great for this very stringy carpet idk how to explain but some cars have them in the trunk of the car

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