1. sooo lame… could have been better just to do a normal video with out these lame stupid jokes… not even that funny

  2. And now open spaces backfired due to Covid. I always hated open space design because companies use it to save money cramming everyone next to each in a giant open space other so it becomes unbearable , it is even worse than cubicles. Good thing we can work from home now at least.

  3. People should really realise that this was recorded back in 2007. Contextualises a lot. Like the box computers, boring design and like basically when this was all filmed intel was by far the best manufacturer at the time.

  4. Tho boring looking; these offices are 100 times better than current offices. Current offices are so distracting; no concept of productivity or privacy

  5. Only Conan can make fun of Intel and make them change their cubicle design and colors.. :v BTW, Intel changed their cubicle design and those gray color after Conan shot this remote..

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