Considering a Pet Bird? Ask Yourself 7 Questions

Considering a Pet Bird? Ask Yourself 7 Questions

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Birds can make wonderful pets and companions. There are many different birds to choose from.

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Small Parrot Plays With A Cat

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  1. I have got a weiro coming soon (when it’s old enough) and I also want to get 2 budgies! How do I convince my parents! I absolutely love them and I know all the re search!

  2. Everytime i go to sleep i check on my budgies and all of them sleep on the swing together all puffed up

    So cute TwT

  3. Do not get a mirror for your parakeet AKA budgie because hey won’t have your attention when you’re asking them for it and they will get VERY distracted and they will not be too good

  4. I have never had a bird but I really like them and I kind of want one but I’m not sure about it. My friend had a budgie and when I was in her house I was always talking to him and he was so cute.

  5. I would really like this channel, except every time they show footage of their cage it just bothers me. I really disagree with the cage set-up they have going there, and it’s a pet peeve to see informational channels with poor habitats. It gives a bad example.

  6. I set my budgie free out the window when I couldn’t care for it any more. I wonder what became of little Adolph?

  7. can i make my budgie not be obsessed over bread so much that he atacks me and dives bomb into my meal and also can i make him not poop all over my computer and desk and even on me

  8. Yes I’m getting a bird tommorow I’m Soo excited I’ve bee. Watching your chann and will keep watching it

  9. Male or female sir?.
    Me: Im so excited Im gonna be a dad this is to soon "breathes heavily" "passes out".

  10. i want a cat a bird a turtle and more animals! i love animals!!! i have 2 baby buns they are both male 🙂

  11. "Budgies are very noisy, and the sound is not always pleasing to everyone"
    I’ve listened to my dog bark every five seconds at nothing since the day we got him. Think I’ll be fine.

  12. My budgies are very quiet, they seem to be 2 boys (as by your video, because where I bought they don’t say the gender) they also don’t eat anything different than seeds… ☹️ I try everyday, maybe they need more time! But we do love them!

  13. I am considering getting a Budgie and I have mice at the moment. I would much rather have the Budgie throwing seeds out of the cage rather then my mice throwing their poop out of the cage.

  14. My bird hates me…i give her fruit i clean her cage i let her come out of the cage yet she bites me and well hates me

  15. For me, I didn’t really plan on having a bird so soon. I rescued a baby bird by the side of the road a few days ago. I actually thought she was dog poo until she moved… she was so weak but now she’s doing really well. I’m not going to release her back into the wild. She’s a colony bird (couldn’t find her nest) and this type of bird is considered aggressive and people want to get rid of them. I’ve been doing a lot of research for her about the type of bird she is to make her life the best I can. I take her out of her makeshift cage everyday even though she can’t fly yet. I try to socialise her with people so she’s not aggressive. I will buy her a proper cage soon. It’s difficult with coronavirus lockdowns atm. But I’m really enjoying spending time with her.

  16. I already have a green cheek conure and lineolated parakeet. Getting 4/5 maybe even 6 budgies in about a week . I’ve had many budgies over the years, they are time consuming but not that bad. Not as bad as my two I have now , all birds are messy noisy and I’m use to it. For me the more the merrier ..

  17. Thank you so much. I watched a bunch of your videos ever since I got a budgie for my birthday I got 2 blue parakeets

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