Coronavirus precautions lead to rat problem in New Orleans

Coronavirus precautions lead to rat problem in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans has seen a surge in coronavirus cases, quickly straining hospital staff and resources that were not ready for the spike. However, the precautions put in place to slow the virus’ spread have inadvertently led to a new problem: with no food littering alleyways from people visiting the city’s many restaurants, hungry rats that relied on the scraps have been driven out onto the streets. Omar Villafranca reports on how the city is combatting its problems.

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  1. So..what’s going to happen to New Orleons? The bustling city with a sackful of history and great food and parades?

  2. This is nothing new at all. I have been to New Orleans and Bourbon Street many times over the years. I live only about 1.5 hours away.

    But the city has always been infested with rats. I have been out partying 2 in the morning and seen rats running around.

    The businesses and houses in the area really don’t even bother with rat control. There are so many that there is nothing they really can do.

  3. Here comes the Hanta Virus, from rats poop & pee. As rat poop dries, wind blows & sends spores that we breathe in, thus Hanta Virus.

  4. Meanwhile.homeless stood waiting……
    Let you think about that for sec.
    Looking bad for numan nation.
    Not from human view.from god’s view.
    Human will always make them self innocent.look/sound live with 0 is short.shorter then you think.
    Be kind.nothing to loose.
    Or rats will take your lost
    Rat will win.
    Human will loose.
    No one want themat result.
    Sad to say.we got
    Looking at it.
    You wekcome

  5. They think they have a rat problem just let people know there money isn’t coming soon you’ll soon have a problem with the country.

  6. First of all rats are not starving. You see that 8 pounder? They are addicted to sugar and carbs. They are fiending much like I am missing my fav restaurant right about now. They have fat reserves to keep them going for a bit

  7. Have you ever been to this place it’s a cesspool during the daytime when nobody’s there it’s filthy nasty disgusting what do you expect a street where people are constantly vomiting and throwing up spitting all over the place I’m surprised there any disease coming from there

  8. We need to catch those rats and sell them to the meat market in Wuhan, China! We could make enough to pay for the medical supplies we need so badly.

  9. We should make people have a air rifle hunting contest when we hunt the small rats. Orange vest orange gun. Lol

  10. The solution to the cornavirus is ventilation suits, the type used in chemical labs. Get the word out there.

  11. Three reasons to avoid New Orleans: Corona virus, Rats becoming bolder by the day, and the Vampire Capital of the US

  12. As soon as the democrats see this they’ll want to use tax payer dollars to save the rats and prevent any more economic development in New Orleans .

  13. Give homeless $5. a head for dead or a live rats ..I would if rich ..they could add that to the stimulus package

  14. The disbelievers don’t realize that this plague is from Allah if carona
    claim you it was not going to miss you and if it missed you it was not going to claim you

  15. This is beginning to look like that scary documentary about how the earth would look after man has been eliminated.

  16. Rats, we’re rats, we’re the rats
    We prey at night, we stalk at night, we’re the rats
    Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into

  17. hantavirus comes from rodents as we seen in china after the rats came out there from there covid 19 reported outbreak in feb

  18. The same number of rats here today as 2 weeks ago. It just no humans dropping food and no human activity the rats are hungry and bold. What ever extra baiting your doing now was needed before the virus. Your just getting a good look at your true rat population.

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