Coronavirus VIII: Prisons & Jails: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Coronavirus VIII: Prisons & Jails: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

As US prisons and jails see an alarming spike in COVID-19 infections, John Oliver discusses why the virus has spread so rapidly behind bars and what we can do to stop it.

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  1. I will just say this: incarceration is punishment enough. Getting locked up is the cost of doing a crime, nothing else. Inmates do not deserve to be financially exploited, physically assaulted, or neglected of their health care needs, regardless how you feel about crime and criminals. They paid for their crimes by forfeiting their freedom, and anything on top of that is just Draconian torture. If you think otherwise, i can guarantee you have never done any real time, and you probably wouldn’t last long in their situation.

  2. except for non-violent convicts, such as marijuana, and not paying fines, I’m hard-pressed to give them my compassion that nursing homes and other innocent people deserves. They tried letting prisoners out of prison in Hawaii, but they got picked up again for not respected the mandated 14 day quarantine, and many were looting the closed businesses…. while spreading the virus… Nope, I think others need it more. Too many people are making the wrong decisions as it is.

  3. I know John Oliver is always serious with the topics he talks about, but rarely have I seen him this deeply and personally upset Oo

  4. 9:00 I know it’s meant as a joke but I think it should be said that there is evidence that suggests that the "Ballon Boy" thing wasn’t a hoax.
    The guy later said that he only pleaded guilty because his attorney told him it would be safer because of the corruption in the justice system.He also stated that he was afraid of his wife being deported.
    I’m not saying it was definitely not a hoax (I think it wasn’t a hoax but you should research yourself) but I wanted say that there are more sides to this story.

  5. Why did they interview only black inmates? Are they trying to plant an idea into our heads? I thought u were better than this…

  6. *The Entire Planet Has Been Hijacked By The WHO And The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation To Establish Dictatorial Rule, To Track And Trace All Of Humanity!!* – Truth To Power
    Covid19 And The Rollout Of This Plandemic Is A Hoax!! From Fraudulent Tests, To Social Distancing, The Lockdown, The Wearing Of The Useless Masks Which Is A Sign Of Our Global Enslavement! We The People Across The Globe Are No Longer Going To Cooperate Or Sign On To Or Acknowledge The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And Their Mouthpiece the Deep State CIA Owned And Controlled Mainstream Métis Lies And Propaganda!
    National Movement Started To Oppose Mandatory Mask Enslavement: Commencing Sunday June 28th And Spreading Around The Globe.
    *The Critical facts about the Covid lie.*
    *These liars are destroying the very fabric of our society. These Mainstream Media liars, Aided And Abetted By Globalist Governments are destroying the very fabric of our society. The Mainstream Media Is the Mouthpiece Of The Globalist Luciferian Marxist Socialist Cabal And A Deep State CIA Operation That Is Destroying Our Lives, Families, Culture With Their Heinous Criminal Exaggeration Of The Fake Covid19 So Called Pandemic That Is Easily Proven False!
    “Social Distancing’ Is Untested Pseudoscience Particularly As It relates To Halting Of SARS-CoV-2 Virus. On Its Website The CDC Provides No Links To Any Peer-Reviewed Social Distancing That Bolster Its Official Guidance. We Have Been Conditioned To Accept Social Distancing Without Any Evidence.
    The Tests Are Fake. There Are No Tests For Covid-19. They Are Testing For Any Genetic Material That Everyone Has. If You Have A Flu Shot You Or Have Ever Had The Flu You Will Test Positive For Covid-19. A Fruit, A PawPaw Tested Positive For Covid19! Seriously I’m Not Joking.
    When You Wear A Mask You Breathe In Your Own Carbon Dioxide! And This Causes Respiratory Disease. Wearing A Mask Offers No Protection From ANY Virus And has No Basis In Science They Are Nothing To Do With Health And Everything To Do With Control! Humanity Must Stop Blindly Obeying Authority! Stop Acquiescing To Stupid! *

  7. "Reduce Prison Population," if he means let people go, why not say so? I don’t like this guys tone.
    Esp since reducing population, stealing pensions, and destroying freedom is what this is really all about.

  8. i haven’t seen mr. oliver talk about the anti-asian hate that’s been around. this is very important, but i’d also love to hear him talk about the attacks that have been happening to the asian american community, and the way that trump has been egging it on with his language.

  9. Pundits like this olive Joe, sound like babbling idiots when hyping up their covidiodacy.
    Economist concluded that during this ‘so called’ pandemic, rich got richer and poor got poorer, an alternative to great depression.

  10. John, I don’t know if you will ever read this, but this is nothing new. Throughout human history, prisons have been a huge center for disease, and nobody cared.

  11. Main issue is the government gives prisons money for housing prisoners, like if they were children in a foster home.

    So in turn the prisons keep as many people as they can, and don’t release them unless they’re expecting a shipment of more prisoners, as if they were cattle.

    This should actually be the opposite. If a prison can do it’s job and rehabilitate an inmate keeping him out of prison after release, the prison should get X money per year that prisoner remains out of prison for the next 20 years. Then perhapse prisons can actually maintain a reasonable amount of reeducation things, like old textbooks colleges don’t use anymore. (Do you know how often a textbook is changed out because of 1 paragraph that needed changed? Like every 3 years.)

  12. Poorly researched, anecdotal evidence, illogical conclusions. 18.32 minutes of wasted time listening to a british accent

  13. Make bail? I couldn’t make a phone call to GET BAIL because you can’t look @ your phone. You are EXPECTED TO KNOW PHONE NUMBERS. I served A MONTH IN SOLITARY FOR TRESPASSING AT MY OWN HOUSE. I have been arrested SEVEN TIMES SINCE LAST JULY.

  14. I was incarcerated for 9.5 years strait between federal and state facilities. I’d be damned if I was still in there now! It’s a death sentence now. I did not rape or hurt (kill) anyone. It took me 25+ years to get my rights restored and I realize ex-cons bear the mark of Cain forever! There is no reform, rehabilitation, only punishment and humiliation. While trump can get away with treason at the highest level the rest of us should hope to have enough money to get a good lawyer! Do you know why drug dealers and robbers get so much Time??
    The government does not like competition! Let burn, let it burn. Prison taught me a lot of things. Most bad and sad. But patience and survival were the best Training I received in those hell holes. Jesus was a prisoner because he posed a threat to the authorities through peace and wisdom. I have more in common with Jesus than a solider (who murdered him by the way. Just following orders) , a cop and defiantly that asshole trump who’s pouring gas on the fire burning this country down. God help us.

  15. I guess because this is aired on HBO,you can pretty much say what you want because I have never heard a news broadcaster use this kind of!

  16. We’re a cold, heartless nation. No one cares if it doesn’t affect them. Why can’t we release the non-violent crimes if nothing more than to save money from treating the infected. We apparently think, than in the middle of a pandemic, some things we do should not change for any reason. Even when those actions look evil. I don’t want any one to get sick, but that "pharma bro" would be the exception. He is evil, cares little for any one but himself. There ARE some people who need to leave this planet.

  17. The Republican wet dream is to have coronavirus sweep through prisons killing every single inmate to make room for any minority likely to vote Democrat, especially legal immigrants. If they fill up the prisons fast enough the virus could cycle it’s way through over and over with the same result. They could cut funding for medical care and even as the virus subsides everywhere else it would thrive in prisons and each inmate would be in prison for no longer than a month before dying of the virus and they could celebrate how efficient the prison system has become. They would rename prisons after Confederate generals and at long last the Republicans would finally have what they wanted all along…"The Jefferson Davis extermination camp for minorities and the poor". My god, some Republicans got half hard just reading that.

  18. Best episode ever. Remember 75-80 percent are non violent offenders and 90 will get out some day anyway. We can help the taxpayer, and have the inmate gladly pay half his check to help w corona or the economy, they would be happy with a gps monitor but out w family helping society.

  19. The OG said, "Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!"
    The story is overly dramatic and without much merit. The whole world population will become exposed to covid-19 before we have an effective and safe vaccine and in quantity. Let me say that again for those who read slow, WE WILL ALL BE EXPOSED TO COVID-19. The vaccine is too far away to hold your breadth and hide from exposure. It’s as if your house is on fire and you go hide in a closet to escape the flames. It’ll work for a awhile but in the end you’re toast. So knowing we are all going to face the virus and many of us will walk away from the illness better for it (immune from further illness). What shall we do with long-term prisoners? They unfortunately will have to stay and face their fate as they have created a part of it. Others who are shorter term and non-violent and non-gang related should have a chance to go home. Especially if they can be released to responsible people who can help them head down a better path. So maybe John should start a foster prisoner organization to match concerned people to help released prisoners to find their true passion in life and advance society for all.

  20. Ah yes, defund the police AND let everyone out of priosn. I swear that is the dumbest shit i have ever heard. Its like they are purposely trying to have there always be a shit storm so they have something to talk about.

  21. Where’s the last 8 minutes of the episode? I was looking forward to the "awkward" compilation of the Father’s Day tribute to the "World’s Greatest" dad, and the fancam k-pop fans spamming hashtagWhitepower feeds to show to my coworkers.

  22. I need to report a list of very disturbing human rights violations on the part of a local jail. Please give suggestions on who I should reach out to with this info. I am in Florida, so governor’s office seems like a waste of time. Suggestions or help please, this is my first time doing something like this

  23. as european, looking at last week tonight for some years, maybe it’s a good thing to keep the borders closed from america for the longest time possible.

  24. Im surprised prisons and jails cant control coronavirus, since they are "closed systems." All they should do is test people before they enter.
    Prisons and jails should be among safer places during pandemic imo.

  25. Great video pointing out an incredibly important issue. Also, I am so happy to see that there are professional captions. Thank you!

  26. Has anyone pointed out yet that those were not deer…they were elk? And yes, elk party way harder than deer, that’s a fact.

  27. The United States of America, where nobody gets a second change because once you a convict, you no longer of human status…

    Unless you rich, and preferably white, of course.

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