Covid-19 essentials

Covid-19 essentials

Covid-19 essentials in case of more lockdowns/local lockdowns, these are the items that may inflate in price or be unavailable due to panic buying etc.
Make sure you have a sensible amount of them around BEFORE the Covidiots clean the shelves out.


  1. The US is in that lull that Europe was in a few months ago where things were stable but eventually it will go up if not now than over winter for sure, my guess is even before the holidays. No harm in stocking up now before the rush especially if it happens during the holidays…

  2. Extra pair of glasses , just incase the opticians shut again . Also spare batteries for earing aids , because I use both .

  3. Just back from shopping. The bogroll bandits have cleared the shelves again. Big plastic storage boxes and crates seem to be flying off the shelves aswell.

  4. That sounds like my normal every day list but without cat food because I have none any more. Toilet paper is not high on my list, you can always use water to clean up ass, as long as there is running water. If there is not, you have probably bigger problems too. I also happen to live in a country that exports a lot of it. There is always more production than needed locally.
    I have some items more than I normally used to, just in case of shortages and/or increased use. Soap was difficult to get in the spring and I use a lot more too! Similarly I have a lot more supplies for making hand sanitize than I used to. Any cheap alcohol supply will do if you have know-how to go further with that.
    Some people were wondering about the masks I used in the spring. It always was a good idea to keep some P3+FFP3 around just in case use need them or you really need them. Well worth the money having them before the prices when sky-high and the availability close to zero. My spouse is no longer complaining about a few boxes of masks taking room in the closet, it stopped pretty quickly in the spring.
    A normal healthy supply has always been useful. A no hassle flue is a pain when you run out of food and would rather rest than go shopping. Keeping a several days worth supply for the family has been before helpful in situations like that. It does not always need a pandemic or a zombie apocalypse for reasonable stockpile to be useful. Or perhaps you are just lazy some weekend and can live by with the normal food stock you have.

  5. And your’l probably want to keep these around till at least March in the UK…HGV drivers are already warning about supply issues in early 2021 due to Brexit…

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