CRM Tools

Shovelbums, as many people working on site-to-site CRM projects affectionately
call themselves, use a large variety of tools when working on these digs.
Oftentimes, they have to be completed at a great pace, to prevent holding up
land development. However, the biggest of these tools is not a physical machine
but rather the goodwill of the developer themselves.

Without a good rapport between the developer and the research team, no other
tool can be put to use. As the archaeological record of the industrial period
is coming of greater prominence, this becomes even more important. For
instance, as the empty husks of old factory complexes are seen more and more as
cultural artifacts, the ability to preserve them long enough to salvage some
data from them is quite useful. Therefore, a mutual understanding between the
developer and the team might be able to keep them standing just long enough for
an excavation to take place.

That’s not to say that the only tools that CRM teams use are concepts. In fact,
early on, sifts were extremely important. Though soil should be sifted in any
proper archaeological excavationBusiness Management Articles, rescue archaeology has often had to be
literally worked between the teeth of an oncoming bulldozer.

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