CUSTOM DOG TREATS | Best of the West Day 20

CUSTOM DOG TREATS | Best of the West Day 20

It’s too hot to do anything in Arizona this time of year. We got new tires for my car and arrived in Phoenix. Met up with @DogsEatingCake for the best dog treats on the west coast and my college roommate is Chirs Pratt in Jurassic World


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  1. Welcome to hell, I mean Phoenix! I’ve lived in Arizona for over 40 years and it seems like it gets hotter each year. Can’t wait to move out of this state in about 5 years! Love watching your adventures with the pups! Definite animal lover here!

  2. Sedona is what my baby Lucky used to do: subterranean. I have a bed that is 36" high and there was enough space for him to crawl under. He also went under my desk here; anywhere he could go under, he went. That’s what I miss most. Hearing Lucky crawl under my bed. He was the best. #RIPLucky

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