Cute Mouse Videos – Funny Mice Compilation 2017

Cute Mouse Videos – Funny Mice Compilation 2017

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  1. I have a black mouse with white accents named James. He is the cutest, sweetest, most outgoing mouse ever. I love him so much and sometimes he even grooms me! I would totally recommend getting mice. They’re super cheap but amazing companions!

  2. my whole family at 2:00am: THERES A MOUSE IN THE TRAP AND ITS STILL ALIVE *inhumane screeching*

    me at 2:00am: *sits down with a bowl of fruit* hey dude, wassup? I’m here to give you your last meal before my dad…ya know…anyways stop screaming ima see what I can do without touching you. *proceeds to a long hour of unsticking a mouse from glue trap outside*

    Based on true story…worth it he was cute

  3. Sucks that mice arent normally seen as pets, anytime I try searching vids like this up or how to take care of mine a bunch of results for how to exterminate them pop up

  4. I have only ever had rats but mice seems super sweet too. They seem so cute!! To me it would feel like having a dwarf rat. Of course mice have different behavior, but still.

  5. Mice are cute adorable creatures, Rats are assholes who bit everything in sight.

    Rats are the ones that should stay out of our houses, not the mice.

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