Cutest Pet Decor Haul | Beautiful Pet Furniture

Cutest Pet Decor Haul | Beautiful Pet Furniture

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today’s video is all about pet furniture — so cute right?! I’m here to show you that even your pet’s everyday items can be beautiful, and show you what a difference even a gorgeous cat bowl can make to your space.

Video shot and edited by Carla Antonio:

Products mentioned:
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Pineapple cat bed:
Pom pom tent:
Litter box:
Floor cushions (white square & black circle):
Cottage bed:
Food bowl:
Cat scratcher:

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for your continued support. I get to make these videos for a living, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

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  1. You are so cute! I love your style!! And your precious fur babies! Putting some of these on my shopping list

  2. Totally getting that cat scratcher and that food bowl! Soooo cute! I’m moving to my new house and I’m getting rid of all these ugly cat scratchers lol

  3. I’ve just discovered your channel now. Love it. Just confused. I saw one video with lottie then none. Where is she? Thanks xx

  4. When she said "Are we in muskoka? Canadians will know what I mean!" I DIED. I actually just got back from my cottage in muskoka. I live in toronto(vaughan actually). 🙂

  5. Love! OMG the tent, the pineapple…hilarious. Function + design will always put a smile on your face. I need the dish.

  6. For the pineapple (and anything else for a cat), just add some catnip inside! They enjoy it more and learn it’s their, that they can use it

  7. If you want te Cutest in the world follow @puppii_lovers on IG (the home of puppies) if you have a puppy Follow and DM for a shout out

  8. ahaha! I live in a studio apartment with a mastiff…. woof. Not many "cute" things come sized for a 130lb cane corso (WHICH I FEEL ROBBED BY), but we try! My biggest recommendation, and something that I myself havent done (yet) is to build/buy a wooden dog crate topper…. For smaller craters you can turn your dog’s den into a cute side table, or in the case of an XXL 55" crate… well, at least you get those sq feet back in counter space. Who likes looking at a huge chunk of metal wire? Not me. Thinking of turning my dog’s crate into a bar area, haha.

  9. According to all the cat steals dog’s bed videos on YouTube, cats like big beds too. Loved the pineapple & the country bed, would prob get both. My kitty has his own room; it’s the living room.

  10. oh this vid is cute. but i was so distracted by your crinkled flutter on your top. should iron them hahaa

  11. I’ve just discovered your channel & just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! You’re such a joy to watch & now that we can afford to renovate our ENTIRE HOUSE I want to be equally stylish & frugal!!! Your MANY inspiring ideas are, helping very much!!!! I LOVE that you’re Canadian – but especially that you didn’t even train in design!!!!! It just shows what a natural you are at it!!!! I see why Chatelaine hired you as their Homestyle Editor!!!! You’re so LOVELY TO WATCH – You’re my new Favorite Person!!!!! And I’m SO buying t these for our MANY CATS!!!!! I LOVE the tent!!!! Its so pretty – it’s my favorite!!!! Pineapples is close 2nd -teepee definitely 1st!!!!!:)))) Thank you!!!!!:))))

  12. Obsessed with the pineapple bed – my cat loves cubbies and caves, and it would totally fit in with my tiny bohemian apartment! Do you know if it’s available anywhere in the US?

  13. The cat food bowl was so cute! The only thing is I suggest you get two bc you can’t store a lot of food in there! Or simoply get a automatic feeder for cat food or water for under 40$ on amazon!

  14. I love that pineapple cat bed, I think my two cats would fight for the chance to sleep in it. I especially love the scratcher, those things never look cute, but this one does. Awesome, thanks for sharing these great ideas to make having a pet more enjoyable.

  15. Okay I just discovered your channel and am OBSESSED. I loved this video and I’m shocked that more decor channels don’t discuss the very real issue of ugly pet items!!

  16. I have one of this lavender/purple igloo litter lbox to sell, my cat never used it. I’m at Montreal area, if someone gets interested in it, please let me a message. Thanks .

  17. I just (a few days ago) bought a huge canvas drop cloth and some long dowels with the intention of making one of these for my dog after seeing a tutorial on XO MaCenna’s channel. You can bet I’ll be making pom-poms to decorate it.

  18. Wait, you’re cats aren’t supposed to be sharing a litter box. They are territorial and as time goes by it can result in one of your cats doing their business elsewhere.

  19. Loved all of this except that tent and the “tribal print” pillow. The tent like a teepee and the pattern is reminiscent of African mud cloth which is unfortunate. Cultural appropriation is a huge bummer.

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