Daily Pet Care Routine! (Reptiles, Birds, + More!)

Daily Pet Care Routine! (Reptiles, Birds, + More!)

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  1. Oh, I can’t take bugs! The thought of any kind of bug aside from a lady bug makes my skin crawl! Imagine the roaches getting out! They’re so ugly, I know people have no problem with bugs, but I can never have a reptile for that reason. Mango is an appropriate name, what a beautiful bird! My goodness, you do have alot of different species of things. I saw your upload on pets I would never own, and for me that’s snakes! I don’t think they have any feelings or affection at all, I feel like they’re more of an observation animal, which isn’t for me, and if they ever got out of an enclosure I think I would go nuts,lol! You have a very nice home and this was interesting.

  2. Tyler, you are just the best pet caretaker. Your dogs obviously love you so much, especially Nova, you and her are so cute together. The love for all of your animals and the great care you take of them shows how truly special you are. Keep up the videos and the great job!!!

  3. I really miss mango she is no more all my happiness has Gone.when Tyler upoalds a video I would be eager to see cute mango last time

  4. when you first introduced your lizard things, I thought you were talking a bout the plants, and in my head i was like ‘and you think mango’s crazy.’

  5. Does anyone have any suggestions for feeders for a bearded dragon when roaches aren’t an option? They’re illegal in my country. I give my beardie silkworms, which he really likes, and superworms but I’m always looking for new things to diversify his diet. He’s not a fan of crickets, which I find hilarious, and he loves hornworms as a treat.

  6. Lol I have one green cheek conure and no other birds for him to interact with, so he’s usually really quiet, but as soon as he heard Mango he started screaming in my ear. You never see a birds true noise potential until you surround him with other birds (or really noisy people)

  7. Does anyone know what Mango’s cage is called or what the brand is? I love how the food dishes and be removed so easily through those doors

  8. If you own an Abronia graminea, or mexican alligator, you’ve just contributed to an illegal market. Buying these is ILLEGAL and they are going extinct in the wild by the pet market demand as well, which means you. They loose their blue color when they are taken from their natural habitat and turn green, that should tell you something! Just like the ones you illegally own. So how about you make a video telling people why they SHOULDN’T BE BUYING endangered species like you did? A few thousand views could help us out in Mexico since many foreign markets are driving our species to extinction, like the Vaquita which is going 100% extinct THIS MONTH because of chinese demand. I’ll be waiting for your video!

  9. I cant watch your videos anymore because every time my green cheek conure hears mango he squawks really loud

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