1. Shocked to see a few ppl saying all dogs being adopted out should be good with children….. seriously? Every animal … like humans have their own personalities and comfort levels. Children can be very threatening and alarming to an animal that is not used to interacting with kids. These types of dogs are only offered to potential families who do not have children. That’s like saying all dogs should be able to be around cats or any other animal to be adopted out. Derp. Ugh. We teach our daughter to always ask the animals handler before approaching it for permission and still proceed with caution allowing the animal to sniff her hand, palm up. Before petting. The government should really consider teaching how to respect and properly approach animals to elementary school students. It would likely save a lot of pain and many dogs lives. In this case however it seems that simple ignorance and irresponsibility was culprit.

  2. The mother should of NEVER left her child unattended around animals that aren’t their own. These adoption events can bring stress and anxiety to even the calmest and sweet of animals. I’m sorry but I hope the dog doesn’t get euthanized over this. However it should clearly be noted that this dog would not be suited for a family with young children.

  3. Stupidity at its finest. Never take a toddler around a dog that isn’t your own and trained by you. Even with supervision any dog can bite when provoked. Let’s not use this to start a hate campaign against pit bulls.

  4. I hate dogs but I hate children more. Children are cruel to animals. I wish the dog had killed the stupid child

  5. Just let this "pro dog activists " …test some dog bites on themselves n their kds….. then ask wats they say about……..

  6. How about you start parenting your own children and stop letting children amuck? Kids don’t know any better and animals are exactly THAT animals. You can’t angry an animal for lashing out for being threatened. This is unfortunate and unfair to both the kid and the dog.

  7. That mother is a lying sack of crap. Witnesses said that she wasn’t looking and was talking too someone. Her child ran at the dog from 7 or 8 feet away. It’s the mothers fault for not watching her child properly.

  8. So they want to save a dog that bit a helpless child and rehome it to a family with children so it could hurt or even kill another child? This shit is so messed up! The dog should be put down because the truth is it bit a 2 year old and it will bite again.It can be prevented,but advocates obviously don’t care about children anymore and that’s very obvious just by reading these comments. Smh

  9. This dog and his foster parent were abiding by the law when this couple negligently left their child unattended to run towards the dog. This dog was reacting out of fear that it was likely about to be attached. The child’s father then made DEATH THREATS against the dog’s owner, which is a CRIME. This is absolutely pathetic reporting and does not depict the whole story.

  10. its funny how on the dallas pet alive channel it shows the police interviewing the witnesses and they all said " the child ran to the dog " unattended. and the mom said the dog didnt show any signs of aggression. that facts!

  11. Parents need to start disciplining their children when they act inappropriately. All these kids talking back and running wild with no supervision!

  12. This wouldn’t have happened if you would have been taking care of your child and didn’t leave him unattended!Especially where there are unfamiliar animals.Clear and simple parents are to blame.Not the dog who was sitting and on a collar minding his own business.

  13. Put the damn dog down. All pit bulls should be euthanized immediately! Ban pit bulls worldwide.

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