Deaf Couple Claims Passenger Punched Their Service Dog on Plane

Deaf Couple Claims Passenger Punched Their Service Dog on Plane

There was drama on a plane after a man was accused of allegedly punching a deaf pregnant woman and a service dog on a flight to Orlando over the weekend. Matthew Silvay and Hazel Ramirez, a deaf couple, were traveling with their two kids and service dog on Frontier Airlines from Colorado Springs. The couple got into an argument with passenger Timothy Manley, which started on board the plane as they were getting ready to disembark.


  1. if someone punched my dog sadly I would curse at them then get a hammer smack them then get a toilet and 2000 lb weight and yeet it at them.

  2. If someone punched my dog I will punched them back in the face and tell them “don’t punch my dog ever again dumbass”

  3. I just looked it up apparently the guy with dog actually abuses the girlfriends and she was in a custody battle for the child she was pregnant with.

  4. Lmao of course he’d be like that. Imagine getting your dog and PREGNANT wife punched.couldve affected the baby. Smh.

  5. 1st of all no one should ever touch anyone’s dog that’s number 1 that guy was wrong to have done that is to touch someone’s dog as they touching someone’s baby I would have been angry to.

  6. He is a liar cause first he said “I didn’t touch the dog” but right after that he said “I swatted the dog” so he just admitted his rudeness

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