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  1. musettediato on September 20, 2022 at 8:45 am

    Pack Leaders didn’t provide any information about the dog (except brief descriptions on their web site) before I was required to submit a detailed application form (very personal information) and pay a $50 "deposit" which would only be refundable if I asked for it back before I could see the dog I was interested in! After I submitted the application, they give me a 6-hour deadline to pay the "deposit!" In that email, they assigned me a time to see the dog – take it or leave it – but the message didn’t give a location. So that was obviously a problem.

    Pack Leaders didn’t provide the information that would help me choose the right pet. I notice they regularly schedule adoption events at local pet stores. Apparently, the people who processed my application thought I should have known about one of those upcoming events (many miles away) and I was supposed to just show up to meet and adopt the dog on the spot, with no information beforehand – for an additional $375. If the dog wasn’t right for me, my deposit would apparently become a $50 donation to Pack Leaders.

    Maybe food, medical and transportation costs add up to $425 for some dogs before adoption (dogs brought from somewhere else, sick or injured dogs nurtured back to health), but I have to wonder, since no information about the dog is provided upfront. If rescue staff and foster families are unpaid, there might be some real profit in this business. There may be some good people associated with this organization, but the impersonal high-pressure sales routine and lack of information isn’t reassuring.

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