1. Bindi isn’t a Service Dog. There is a distinct difference between Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals and they fall under different requirements. That is why companies are doing this because too many people are lying about their Support Animals and calling them Service Animals. If you want a Service Animal go through the process, don’t make it hard for Veterans with PTSD and those with documented disabilities to get their real Service Animals onto their flights. Too many people are register Support Animals as a way to just get their dogs on flights for free travel and it’s making it hard for those with real disabilities. Do the paperwork, go through the process, stop trying to get over on airlines and this will become less of a problem

  2. But that violates the ADA. Good lord….what we need is to revive the bus industry and get more train tracks for more trains. The airlines feel they can violate law as they will. I would never fly Delta. They have a very bad reputation.

  3. I’m 100% in favor of service dogs. But they need to be issued a license at the time they are assigned to the owner. They could put a pic of the dog (just like a drivers license) and they can put it on they’re vest or the owner could carry it on they’re person. This would stop all the fakes that are out there. Was in a restaurant the other day and someone came in with a so called service dog. It would not sit still, it would try to contact anyone that walked by, barked several times and even got up and went over to and was sniffing around the bus cart. If that was a service dog then I can flap my arms and fly!

  4. they can ask two questions 1 is that a service dog 2 what service does he do to help you with a handicap ….if the people with msd are not handicapped the airline dont have to let the dog on…also remember that a vest is not required under law …so as long as they keep that in mind they are not on violation of the ada… if the person is handicapped or disabled no matter what the reason if a dog can preform a task the helps that person by law the dog is a service dog. if the person is not disabled and only uses the dog for e/s it is not covered under the ada..

  5. What I’d their blind..how r they going 2 filled tis out 48 hurs b4 hand when they can’t c the form on the website..n if the vet can’t read Biel hw do they full it out..jst saying

  6. And yet if you PAY for the dog to fly you are NOT questioned. My Granddaughters Service dog was ALMOST denied to fly with her but another dog same size was not questioned because they paid $200.00 for the dog to fly with the passenger. Lola did not bark, laced calmly under our feet while the other dog barked and kept getting into the isle.

  7. Under ada law service animal owners are not required to have documents! If you want to crack down watch how the dog acts. If it’s not trained than it can’t go. If it’s a service dog for emotional support than it’s an esa and they need documents

  8. ESA have to be on leashes under the ADA and you have to provide paperwork from a mental health professional on long flights and it has to be potty and temperament trained however service dogs don’t need paperwork or a leash no matter how long the flight except for veterinary paperwork for shots but that’s for any dog to insure everyone’s safety

  9. They can’t ask for those paperwork’s, they can ask the 2 questions and that’s it, with emotional support animals they can ask for the letter but not for SA it’s illegal

  10. Dog lovers need to get it through their fucking heads that not everyone loves dogs. Drive to your destination assholes.

    * this doesn’t apply to those who are disabled and need service dogs.

  11. My first experiences with "service animals" was with a dog trained by The Seeing Eye, Inc. here in the US over 50 years ago.
    You don’t find better training of human and dog anywhere in the country because their lives literally depend on it.
    Back then Metric’s distinctive Guide Dog Harness was all anyone needed to see.
    Today’s wider variety of service animals have a lot to live up to.
    The sooner we have a specific licensing and identification system in place the better.

    People assuming they deserve the privileges earned by these precious companions should be subjected
    to the same fines levied on businesses who refuse them entry.
    I heard one small business was slapped with a $60,000 fine not long ago.
    Sounds good to me, so long as a portion of it goes directly to enforcement cost and the training of more critters !

  12. Okay Bindi the ESA is NOT a service dog. Under ADA law, a Service Dog is required to be completely trained, groomed, and well behaved when out working. Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s) have no requirements, and are not protected by ADA law. It’s also a federal crime to try and fake a service dog.

  13. If a person has a need for a service animal, then obviously there is no problem with that. However as with most things people must mess it up. Service animals YES emotional animals NO. I don’t want to sit next to a person who has a fucking raccoon or some damn rat or bird or anything that is not a service animal. Since when did we become this punk-ass whinny society that we now have to travel with our animals because they make us feel good? Buy a damn ticket, get a boarding pass, board the plane, and sit your weak ass down and enjoy the flight. Pick up your animal where you always did after you land or leave them in a kennel at home. I cannot believe the nerve of some people who have NO REGARD for others who think you want to sit next to their damn animal just because it comforts THEM. Buy a stuff animal and go to sleep.

  14. I’m going to need a Noah’s ark with wings to deal with all of my emotions! Come on people! I feel so sorry for the hearing impaired man. He’s having to deal with the repercussions of the fakes who have zero morals. When I was a flight attendant, we had REAL service animals on board. If you weren’t sitting next to them, you’d never know they were there.

  15. I will never board a flight if there is a passenger with an emotional support animal.  You never know, they may whack out.

  16. If I had a service animal I would not worry about having to show documentation.
    The real problem is the lack of formal registration of service animals. That is the issue that needs to be addressed.
    People get service animals through medical recommendations and I firmly believe that a register and a document like a drivers licence can easily be created.
    The only people that would become upset would be those who are trying to scam.
    I don’t believe it would be degrading I believe it would help protect the rights of those who truly need a service animal.

  17. Enough with the fake service dogs. We should only allow for the blind. These self centered people with fake service animals don T care about you ,so why should we care about them ????

  18. what airlines really need to do is to boot anyone with a misbehaving dog off the plane. don’t reseat them to another seat, because their dog is growling at another dog or whatever… the one growling goes, the one behaving stays. Simple. Any dog that can’t behave in the presence of other dogs and/or people in close proximity in a plane’s tight spaces… it gets booted, period, same as a misbehaving human passenger. Even a service dog can be required to leave an establishment if it can’t behave, that’s in the law.

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