Didn't think BIRDS COULD BE FUNNIER than cats? Then watch this! 🐓🦩 Funny ANIMAL Compilation

Didn't think BIRDS COULD BE FUNNIER than cats? Then watch this! 🐓🦩 Funny ANIMAL Compilation

Who knew bird could be this funny?

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  1. 1:40 “I’M A GOOD…BOOOOY”

    2:17 *”Can we go?”* “GO WHERE?” *”Okay, don’t cry. We’ll be back later.”* “WHAT?”

  2. You break into a house. You hear wings flapping and then from the far end of the dark room a quiet cry: "waaaaaa…. Waaaaaa… Daddy?"

    Tha bird is great theft prevention…

  3. Humor usually comes with intelligence, either a lot of it or a complete lack of it.

    Cats aren’t that smart, so it’s funny how stupid they are.
    Birds such as parrots, keets, teals, toos, corvids etc. are extremely smart.

    So they’re both funny, but for different reasons on the whole

  4. The screaming bird, I think that we all can relate to right now. He should have saved it for last, gone to commercial come back, kept it screaming, gone back to commercial and come back with at least ten more seconds of screaming bird. That will get you millions of hits.

  5. Neko knows that when the baby crys you give it attention. That must have really freaked you guy out the first time she did that?

  6. Never, ever seen a chicken do that before. Something’s up with that bird, especially if she’s broody with chooks. Breaks my heart to see them completely soaked like that – do they not have a shelter? Chooks are easy to chill that young. I worry for their health.

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