Disney Park Savers Discount Packages

It is the very dream of every child to pay a visit to Disneyland, to see his/her favorite fairy-tale character dancing around him/her. But when the talk comes over to the bookings and the reservations, the parents back off because yes, a tour to Disneyland can be quite an expensive proposition

There are Disney Ticket Discounts as well as Disney Resort Discounts. The customer simply has to log into the website ParkSavers where he can find rooms for less price. And if you’re looking for the cheap tickets, you can log ontO ParkSavers Company website

Discount for Resorts:

There are different seasons, introduced by Disneyland, and during those particular seasons, the room reservations are quite high. They mainly include the following seasons:

-Fall Season

-Holiday Season

-Peak Season

-Summer Season

-Value Season

If you want special discounts, then you have to wait to make the reservations in the off-season. Because as it happens sometimes, a particular offer is declined sometimes just because a particular season is going on. Therefore, you must apply for discount resorts after a particular season ends.

Disneyland Discounts:

Following are the main, special discounts for the resorts:

For Florida Residents: The Floridians can get a discount from Disneyland, but only in off-season.

For AAA and CAA Membership Holders: Although this offer has now been declined, but maybe if you’re lucky enough, they’ll give you the discount you need.

For Military: The members of military can enjoy special discounts, including 30% off Value Resorts, 35% off Moderates and Fort Wilderness Cabins and also 40% off Deluxe Resorts. They also enjoy the facilities of Shades Of Green (SOG). The active duty officers, retired army-men and even discharged Vets are blessed with discounts.

For College Students: If you are a college student in some nearby college of Disneyland (Southern California), then check-in with your Student Union and you will get a discount on the tickets. You can save $1 on one-day tickets and $2 on six-days tickets.

Teacher Discount: If you are a teacher in United States or Canada, then check into Disneyland with your Teachers’ Union and hopefully get a little discount on tickets. But this offer remains valid only for US and Canadian teachers.

The Annual Pass-holders: They get special discount and entry to the Water Park and admission to few other theme parks for as long as the card is valid.

Also there are discount offers for UK/Ireland Residents, Canadian Residents, Visa Cardholders.

Furthermore if you want to know about the Cheap Disney Tickets, visit the website above mentioned, and then select a suitable package for yourself. There are Park Hopper and Water Park tickets. Choose from the menu and have fun! Although this fact should be kept in mind that the discount offered by Disneyland is not muchFree Web Content, but a little discount of even 5% to 10% can prove to be a great deal of saving money when you are travelling with your whole family.

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