DIY Cabinet To Hide Cat Litter Box In A Small Space | Pet Tips

DIY Cabinet To Hide Cat Litter Box In A Small Space | Pet Tips

#Ad Hey guys! I’m Alexandra Gater and I show you how to do rental-friendly upgrades and DIY projects on a budget. New videos every Saturday and vlogs on Wednesdays! Thank you to Pet Valu for sponsoring today’s video! So many of you have asked for tips on how to hide a litter box in a small space so I show you how to make a super easy DIY hidden litter box using an Ikea cabinet. Be sure to visit a Pet Valu location near you to talk with one of their pet experts:

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  1. I did this with a wood thing I have. Best thing EVER! But i didn’t think of using a door. I just have a hole. Do these doors work on something more thick like wood and not just a thinner metal? It looks more finished. I love it!

  2. I don’t even have a cat but found myself watching this to the end! 🙂 Great job!! Will definitely pass it on to friends and family!

  3. An added hack would be to line the floor of the cabinet with linoleum or a litter mat so any accidents are easy to clean up and don’t damage the cabinet.

  4. This is absolutely brilliant. I too live in a small bungalow (no basement) and the litter box is certainly a challenge. Great video!

  5. Good idea. I would get a litter mat under the box. Also Harriet may not be able to climb up into that cabinet as she get older. I had that problem with my oldest fur baby.

  6. Video starts at 5:35 A lot of stupid void unnecessary content. This video would have been done in 1 minute, but even that, the tools and more details are wrong, misused or are missing.

  7. Also can you let us know the height of just the cabinet part (minus legs – to be sure our kitties will fit) and which litter box you used that fits inside?

  8. Also, if yall are going to do this DIY add an air purifier bag into the cabnet!! The Moso Natural bags are awesome. This will help extra for smell both for you and the cat that has to go into the cabnet. Just make sure it’s in a place where the cat cant bite it (:

  9. This would be great for an older person who cant walk their dog small dog as often as they would like. And not as far of a bend to clean up! Excellent hack

  10. There are actually litter trapping mats and putting one inside the cabinet would help so much! And also THANK YOU for using a metal cabinet. Most of the hacks I see use a particle board cabinet and if the cat makes a mess it’s nearly impossible to get the cabinet clean, with a metal cabinet that’s not an issue

  11. I know it probably shouldn’t need to be said but always research anything Petsmart employees tell you to put on your cat- I’ve found when asking about topical treatments they arent properly taught what can and cant be given to different animals. They didnt have the product I had gone in for so when asking their recommendation they told me to use a product that is lethal for cats. This goes for everything including flea treatments. (They’re amazing at just about everything else though and I love their stores)

  12. 1. I love the idea of the treat capsules (1st product)- my two cats will roll their treat ball around until it’s entirely empty. This spreads it out a bit more over a period of time.
    2. Love the concept of Pet Valu – and now I’m mad because I just realized there was a Pet Valu less than 3 miles away from where I used to live. How did I miss this?!
    3. LOVE THIS IDEA! I’ve struggled with hiding litter boxes in all of my apartments and stayed away from cabinets like this just due to lack of space, but now I’m thinking up scenarios where their mini cat tree could be attached to the top as well…
    I would love to see you do more pet things for your kitties! I realize there’s probably not much more space you can work with/furniture you could add, but I love seeing little Lottie help you with things 🙂

  13. I loved this video! So excited to go find a PetValu to talk to them about how to enrich the lives of my cats and pet rat.

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