Shopping for your extra large dog can be tough. In this video I show you how to make an extra large dog sweater for your extra large dog. BONUS: watch until the end to see how I make a DIY dog toy as well!

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Big Thanks to my model in today’s video, Blue Skye!


  1. Whaaaaa I just made dog sweater order at amazon and this is wht I found lol I had to cancel my order asap after watching your video! Here I am holding scissors ready to make toy/clothing for mine!! Thanks

  2. Your baby is very pretty thank you for this video I have two male American pitbull’s Zeus and Apollo and I’ve had the same issue with buying online and getting a small dog coat this way is a lot cheaper thank you God bless!

  3. For male dogs Cut along the seams at the bottom cut a square shape out so it only covers the chest area and leave the back piece on top long and they won’t be able to pee on it

  4. She does not look like a Pit Bull to me. I think could be a Staffordshire Terrier and Mastiff Mix. She’s too large and bulky for a Pit Bull.

  5. what size sweatshirt did you buy? and is it tight around the arms? your dog is the exact same size as mine. and when they go pee does it hit the sweatshirt or is it short enough not to get wet?

  6. Our family dog looks a lot like your baby. And about the same size. Do you mind me asking what size you used to make the doggy hoodie?

  7. First off, THANK YOU. I’ve been scouring the internet for hours and hours trying to find anything for my baby girl. She’s my gorgeous hippo/land seal/manatee/blue nose pit. She’s my daughter and it hurts my heart that I cannot provide her with clothing which she LOVES. It’s not because I love her in clothes, she literally asks me to put clothes on her. How am I supposed to find clothing, when everything is for small dogs, overly expensive (I don’t even spend that much on my clothing) and basically impossible to find. So I thought, I’m a sewer, why don’t I just sew her clothing. I have no clue where to start. No patterns for a dog her size, patterns can be very expensive, and I’ve never sewn clothing for a dog before so I don’t know what to do even. That’s been my struggle. I’m at a point where I’ll bite the bullet, order something super cheap that fits her, cut it up and use it as a pattern. Then my sister in law actually recommended your channel and you’ve helped me get started on the process. So thank you!!! Also, my girls armpits, inguinal area and ears are ALWAYS itchy. It’s a pitbull thing. Poor babies, some days she’s just a walking scab. Horrible. Not even allergy meds touch it. Tried cytopoint and everything else. I’ve always thought if she wore more clothing, that could at least stop her from scratching and licking. Even pjs at night would help a lot. So, Lea and I thank you! And what a beautiful baby girl you have❤️
    (Sorry this was so long)

  8. I absolutely love this video! Thank you! I’ve decided to make matching Christmas sweaters for my BIG GIRLS and I can’t wait to use this style! Like you said its always FOR TINY PUPS!

  9. Another DIY hack for dogs is stop wasting money on expensive dog beds and use old pillow and cushion batting and an old sofa seat cover to make a bed or anything of the sort. Thrift shop come in real handy.

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