DIY Non Toxic Flea Spray | Natural Pet Care With Essential Oils

DIY Non Toxic Flea Spray | Natural Pet Care With Essential Oils

Today I’m showing you a miraculous essential oil blend to help protect our dear pets from fleas. This all-natural spray is safe for your home, family and pets!

Cedarwood oil //
Peppermint Oil //
Distilled water
Spray bottle

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  1. I have always ground it up and put it in their food. The dosage doesn’t seem to really matter from a 6 lb cat to a 150 lb human. Although, I have found that some humans required 500mg

  2. You can also give your pet 300mg of Vitamin B1 everyday and fleas and every sort of insect will leave them alone. It also works for humans. I have been doing this for 40 years. It’ works and is an easy fix.

  3. Playing a little fast and loose with your oils. You don’t specify which cedar you use. Some, containing ketones, are not safe for cats at all.

  4. If it repels or kills fleas, its NOT non-toxic, and that should be the first clue to use it very conservatively, and only when you absolutely need it. I wish everyone promoting essential oils had a degree in chemistry. That way statements like "Non-toxic" and "Chemical free" would not exist. Come to think of it, the essential oil craze wouldn’t exist.

  5. It repels and kills the fleas because its toxic to fleas, so its not non-toxic. Anytime something acts as an insecticide there is a level of toxicity present. The goal is to get rid of pests without harming humans, however that has always been a fine line, even if derived from a natural source.

  6. GOD! Just buy the 25$ chewy, they work best and one and done. For the price of all that stuff its probably cheaper and alot safer then the drops of yonder days.anything safe can be made unsafe if used wrong ive seen WAY too many babies poisoned by their parents and its sad . Retired vet tech and i use them and one always works all summer for me and you dont have to keep repeating every week which can dry babies skin i know my large dog stresses badly when bathed as do alot of babies. Just saying our babies come #1 lets not be cheap and as with " anything" used if they wobble, throw up, lethargic stop drinking ect take right away to vet waste no time. Im not saying this does not work it does its just a very short term result for a very long term problem thats all.

  7. Ok, thank you for the information. Do you give them the vitamin B1 in liquid form and does the dosage vary on the animals weight?

  8. I absolutely love Sophie and the Gorgeously Green website. But I must point out that cedarwood essential oil (along with cinnamon, clove, and several other EOs) are EXTREMELY TOXIC for cats. DO NOT USE ON YOUR CAT!! It is probably fine for all dogs, but cats have much more sensitive systems than dogs, and these essential oils can cause long-term damage to their nervous systems, if not immediate toxic reaction. Again, DO NOT MAKE THIS (or even spray it near) YOUR CAT!

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