DOCS: Abandoned | Animal Cops Houston

DOCS: Abandoned | Animal Cops Houston

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When Houston SPCA Investigator Trischa Price discovers a downed horse, abandoned on a vacant lot, it’s a race against time to get him back to the shelter for emergency treatment. While the vets work on the horse, Price heads back to find out who left him to die. Meanwhile, responding to a tip off in Waller County Investigator Liz Pavlicek discovers a commercial breeding premises where dozens of dogs are struggling with poor health and in filthy conditions. A team is scrambled to conduct an emergency rescue on a grand scale. Back in Houston, Investigator Shawna Sundberg needs to take immediate action when she finds a family of dogs left to fend for themselves after their owners upped and left.

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  1. 세상에나ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 정말 힘드시겠고 또 정말 이쁘겠어요^^;;;; 얘들아!!!늬들은 진짜 복 받았다!! 4:25

  2. That lady comforting & talking to that horse made my heart explode. He looked like he was really listening & feeling that he was safe, his eyes were so sad.

  3. Bless you!!!!!!! It would be a smart idea to press charges on people. Build your own animal courts. Since, criminal courts lack substance with animal abuse/neglect cases.

  4. Formidable travail !! Des personnes dévouées au possible et des résultats extra ordinaires …Merci á vous,Félicitations ..A+

  5. This really made me cry how people treat these animals i feel so happy about these people saving them

  6. When will laws change for animal advocates and the ANIMALS? Abusers will only do it again. They enjoy it.

  7. I wish had the power to make everyone of these abusive butt heads into animals and then have them treated the way these fur babies have been treated. I saved my little Sassy from a puppy mill.

  8. I wish they didn’t put so many of the dogs down I think if they were rehabilitated they could have a chance.

  9. It is criminal that charges were not pressed against that puppy mill owner! Stinks of criminal coverup!!

  10. In a situation where you’re breeding dogs for profit, how could you let your puppies get fleas? And this is glazing over the fact that *no dog* should be allowed to get that bad. No one who seriously loves animals wants to see the dogs in that bad of condition, and no one who’s paying for a puppy wants a puppy in bad healtth.

  11. I hope they teach that last kid how to treat a dog. I’m a bit worried she might regress back to her fearful state if he’s climbing all over her…

  12. Excuse the owners and help them? Serious. No they need to pay for the abuse they caused. Would we excuse a child abuser?Is anybody else cringing watching them touch the animals without gloves?

  13. Pls. dont let criminal free. Get the evil people in jail. Instead of bail, take them a chargest for a food and medical treatment to the animals.

  14. How the hell could u not press charges those animals were isolated and matted and in horrible living conditions

  15. I only have one question: when they take animals out of a dirty house WHY DO THEY NEVER WEAR GLOVES and MASKS!!!! Its not just about the smell… they have fleas and the dogs are so dirty, those people need to protect their own skin. Maybe its just Me. If the Animals were not so dirty i wouldnt care to get dirty, but I would at least wear Gloves.

  16. That horse vet totally reminds me of James Herriot’s vet. No idea why and it’s been some 30 years since I last read those stories…

  17. I cried seeing the dog’s matted fur. It broke my heart to hear the doctor call it "dreads". I love animals this could be my future job. I’ve become passionate about all animals, and I get so angry seeing people mistreat animals. Why have one?

  18. I don’t understand why they were more pressed about finding the horse abandoner than charging the people neglecting and abusing about 200 dogs?

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