Dog adoption!

Dog adoption!

We adopted a dog without my mother’s consent!… or two

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  1. Oh my life I’m balling my eyes out when you pulled him out and he finally cried! My heart! He is a spitting image of my beautiful boy Garfield! Although my man is now 8 years old! I hope both of these kittens have the most amazing loving lives! Thankyou for everything you all do! Xx 2:22

  2. I cried when you said I think it’s dead i cried then in happyness Omg I’m just so happy he’s a love yay 5:23

  3. They should have started training a while ago. Now it gets more difficult to stop that behavior. But non the less they are all soooo cute. 3:49

  4. When I was younger my family and I had started to hear a small meowing in our walls. At first we didn’t know where it was coming from, but the next day my grandma found it coming from one of our walls in the kitchen. The only way to get him out was to destroy our wall, so my grandma grabbed a hammer and broke the wall open pulling out a small kitten. That same day we found another one in our attic. We still have those two cats and many more animals that we’ve rescued and I haven’t regretted it once. 2:11

  5. 어떻게보면 그냥 평범한 애견인 가족 이야기인데 이걸 존나 웃기게 편집해버리시네 ㅋㅋㅋ 재밌게 보고갑니다 ㅋㅋㅋ 5:23

  6. As soon you read this, you’ll realise that you don’t get money in videos if you don’t have any ads in them.

  7. *We must protect the smol beans at all cost especially the smol one.* (Edit: OMG I GOT 600 Likes TYSM GUYS) 4:51

  8. Hooray for Orchid and Minx! They look sooo loved by their new family. It’s wonderful that they were adopted together. Thanks to everyone involved in their rescue, vet care, and adoption! 3:48

  9. So cuuute also I still think you need more subscribers you are like the best youtuber an congrats on the new puppy!!!

  10. Out of all the females rescuers “Hope for Paws” I love Loretta demeanor… she is gentle …full of passions for the dogs. Keep up the good work!!! 5:47

  11. What a great family to adopt them together!! I love the sleeping little guy “he’s not sedated I swear” ….he was in a state of finally blissful sleep. 2:47

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