Dog Boarding Kennels – Gold Coast Pet Resort | Midtown Pet Centre

Dog Boarding Kennels – Gold Coast Pet Resort | Midtown Pet Centre

Midtown Pet Centre on the Gold Coast is a purpose built pet accommodation resort, providing dog boarding kennels for small dogs as well as a cattery.

We are enormously proud to present our newest video. This informative presentation was intended to represent our company ethos and take you on a journey through the careful planning, thought, care and passion that has been building Midtown on the Gold Coast for over forty years.


  1. over here in ireland ,i just got my dog back after two days ,and she is missing an eye and one of her legs ,i dont think i will be going to a certain kennels again 🙁

  2. The kennel in my area lets you walk the dogs, to see your compatibility! They let all of the cats roam around freely in a closed-in enclosure outdoors, and each dog has it’s own enclosure. They are all the sweetest things, and even the eldest ones get adopted! My family found a dog there, and he was around ten, a mutt and he lived for a good solid 7 years with them! Amazing, how kennels do that.

    Your kennel/cattery is really amazing too. So nice to see that the animals are being taken care of!

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