1. KP, we recently added two 7-week Great Danes to our family. They’re gorgeous and the sweetest puppies ever, BUT I forgot how hard it is to house train puppies. We’re walking them every 1-1/2 hours and without fail accidents are happening numerous times a day. Help!!!!! Love you so much!!! Keep doing exactly what you’re doing!

  2. Hey my mom has yorkie poos and she has found hard knots on their stomach and backs. Any ideas of what they could be?

  3. I absolutely love you! You are so amazing and smart and compassionate! Thank you for spreading this knowledge to people who might need it!

  4. This video was FANTASTIC! I used to work in a couple vet hospitals then I did animal control for a few years. So many new pet owners and uneducated or naive owners would learn so much from this! Totally appreciate you and your content!

  5. It is really interesting to see how differed care for dogs is in the US compared to here in Germany.Here acully, me included many dont spay or neuter dogs anymore only if medical necessary and after the big scare campaign nearly nobody will use bravecto here.vets only do 3 busters with puppy shots (8/12/16 weeks ) and rabies is only vaccinated every 3 years as the vaccines hold up for that time.
    Btw my chihuahua is a rescue and 8 years old and has great teeth thanks to raw boons.Same as my 4 big dogs 🙂

  6. FINALLY had a moment to sit down & catch up on your videos! I do have a question that has been a mystery to all (including the vet). I have 2 female black labs. Ones 10 & the other 12. They are both on the same dog food, get the same treats (mainly carrots, maybe once a day get a Rachel Ray treat). But the older one has been dry heaving for almost a year now & no one can figure it out. The vet put her on something for acid reflux but that never helped. Very seldom does she actually get sick, it’s mainly just dry heaving, but it just sounds so terrible when it happens. Do you have any thoughts of maybe why? Love you as always ❤️

  7. I absolutely loved this video! I worked at a vets office for 4 years and it’s very important to inform people of how to take care of their animals! You definitely need to do more videos like this!

  8. Loooove this video!! So much great and useful information. Both my dogs have white bellies and are allergic to wheat. Can’t wait for more videos like this.

  9. I have a Shepard mix-ish dog that is solid white and she always has issues with the skin on her nose. She is known to dig but this year her nose has turned from black and wet to dry, cracked, and raw! I don’t know what it could be

  10. If I could give a 100 thumbs up I would! When you do the cat video can you talk about what vaccines indoor only cats need? Also I have an old girl cat and a young boy cat, the boy wants to wrestle and fight with the old cat who of course is not interested, they do otherwise have similar personalities but don’t play together, what can I do to help them have a better relationship?

  11. I have a Bully Pit mix, and he can destroy a Kong toy in a matter of minutes… like the Large sized Kong is no match for Kyzer. Is there any other brands that you would recommend? He is only 2 yrs old and he is a chewer.. Loved this video btw, I’m definitely going to look into the Hills Dog Food brand, we’ve tried Blue Buffalo but he didn’t seem to like it very much, he would wait as long as he could stand being hungry before he would even take a nibble of that food. And I felt like he was gonna starve, even tho I know if he got hungry enough he’d eat it anyways, still just didn’t seem fair to me.

  12. id love to hear about grooming and nail trimming for dogs, and also your opinion on whether to use a collar, choke chain, pinch collar or harness and when it is appropriate to use each. unrelated- I love your videos and your genuine personality. keep being you

  13. I loved this video ! You would be such a good teacher ! The way you talk and explain stuff really interests me and grabs my attention !❤️

  14. Wish you would have warned people about rawhides especially around this time when everyone gets those large rawhide shaped candy canes

  15. I love this video thank you for caring enough to do it! Will you give me some tips on shih tzu’s I have one. His name is Benny and he’s more spoiled and loved than most kids. By spoiled I don’t mean fed table scraps and stuff like that. Is peanut butter ok for dogs? Also mine has skin issues (allergies) and is always itchy. I treat with frontline now because the last time I have him nexguard he didn’t act right for 4 days and I thought he was going to die and my shitty vet treated me like an idiot.

  16. This video was awesome! Most people have know idea what they are getting into when you buy a dog. Videos like these for your pets are great!

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