Dog Food Bowls — The Best and The Worst

Dog Food Bowls — The Best and The Worst

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The food your dog eats is important to their health — but what they eat OUT of could be just as important, because some dog food bowls can actually cause health complications for your pup. Dr. Gary Richter talks about one type of food bowl that could cause itching and irritation for your dog, and another that could be made with dangerous materials. But don’t worry — Dr. Richter also highlights the two kinds of dog food bowls that are the best for your dog. Choosing the right food bowl for your pup can make a big difference in their health and happiness, and after watching this video, you’ll have all the information you need to make the best choice for your furry friend. What kind of dog food bowl does your dog eat out of? Drop a comment below! And for more helpful tips like this, check out some more Ultimate Pet Vet videos!

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