Dog Isn't Good At Being A Service Dog

Dog Isn't Good At Being A Service Dog

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MANDATORY ONSCREEN CREDIT – Double H Canine Training Academy

Academy A hyperactive pooch was filmed flipping wheelchairs over and causing all sorts of havoc while being trained as a service dog.

Ryker, two, is a Belgian Malinois from Louisville, Kentucky, who became famous on the Internet after a hilarious video showed him causing chaos while attempting to act as a service dog.

The clip, filmed at Double H Canine Training Academy, shows the overexcited dog flipping walking aids over, as well as getting distracted by toy balls and pushing wheelchairs around with no regard for who’s sitting on it.

Ryker’s owner and dog trainer Zach Janes, 25, said that Ryker is actually trained in explosives detection and protection.

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  1. I love this video I see my failures and mistakes and all the time I strived whole heartedly towards wrong not necessarily knowing and how easily I can separate my actions from me and still see my intentions heart. No matter my mistake I am Good proud love. Just fuck up some times. Maybe I’m the only one to take it this way smoking weed got me deep

  2. He is adorable. And he thinks he’s doing everything right. And he is a good service dog he brought a smile to people’s faces.

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