Dog Reaction to Dog Cake – Funny Dog Cake Reaction Compilation

Dog Reaction to Dog Cake – Funny Dog Cake Reaction Compilation

You will fail with try not to laugh challenge when you see the dog reaction to dog cake. Because the owners cut the dog cake head in front of a dog. The dog is in complete shock as it watches the owner cutting a dog cake. This is the funniest and cutest video ever!

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  1. Idk if these dogs have reacted in that moment or they’re trained to do that. But I still don’t know what’s so funny. They’re living creatures too. They want to live too and they’re afraid of death just like us. It’s like slicing a human cake. Though we know is a cake nobody would feel good watching it. Maybe these dogs realise that cakes are not living dogs but they still look alike. And since we always say that dogs are smart creatures, they may have thought that they would be the next one to be killed. So it’s not funny, just bcs they’re animals it doesn’t mean they should be treated like that.

  2. Aaaaaa e cachorro de verdade Japão pior pais do mundo vocês matam cachorros filhotes e gritam e comem Aaa me

  3. この犬のケーキみたいなのリアルだからガチでトラウマになるンゴww

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