Dog Rescue: Homeless mom (Mable) and puppies (Dallas & Texas) near downtown Los Angeles.

Dog Rescue: Homeless mom (Mable) and puppies (Dallas & Texas) near downtown Los Angeles.

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Happy New Year!!!


  1. The smaller dog should be named Michael Jordan……… know, with the tongue sticking out, LOL!! 4:48

  2. *Thanks, Hope For Paws, and may God bless you for all you did, you does and you will do!*
    Best wishes and GOOD LUCK from Germany!

  3. I always feel so bad when they cry, because they think you want to hurt them, I always say "Its ok baby, ‘solright, ‘sooolright . . ."
    I love seeing them become happy pups.

  4. Mable , Dallas and Texas FAMILY ! ITS all about FAMILY! GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY! Thanks for the rescue and caring !!

  5. Pleaae, Eldad, use warm water or a warm environment/room temperature when giving baths to the animals. Often I see them shivering or shaking in your videos. Tks.

  6. I like footage of cleaning off fleas and pulling ticks just as much as the rescue if you could show more footage of the bath?

  7. I feel safe here ..❤️ Salute to the house owner who allowed to break the wall ..nothing can be better then this .. God bless you all for your deeds ❤️ much blessings and love . 3:59

  8. Everytime I watch these videos, the first touch, it seems like the pup’s eyes glaze over, as if they remember what they have been missing, love. Eldad, if you ever see this, know I’m your biggest fan. My dog wears his lucky leash with pride.

  9. I live in the middle of nowhere Indiana and I can say, I’ve never seen so much trash and filth like I have seen on the streets of California. No disrespect but it’s just true. Now I get it, why there are people getting sick from fleas that has been on rats. The trash is everywhere!

  10. I don’t understand why anybody puts a thumbs-down on a video like this. This just shows there’s an organization who cares for the animals that some people throw away. These lives are so much better and they’re cared for and loved. Those of you who disagree or just do this for spite, you either have a very low self-esteem issue or you’re just mean.

  11. Poor Eldad he always has to explain..for those who accusing the team with hurting them.
    Dogs cry..for many reasons anyway

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