Dog Takes Family's Clothes To The Garden Every Day

Dog Takes Family's Clothes To The Garden Every Day

I’m Sterling Newton a male golden retriever and I was born on January 19th, 2018. This is my Sterling Newton YouTube channel where you can watch all of my funny videos with my mom, Doris, my big bro and all of my friends from the dog park.

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  1. My dear Doris, You and Sterls are so entertaining! I just love your quick wit and Sterling’s expression’s…to just about all of what you’re/he supposed to be saying and thinking. Hahaha! I know, I am always in for a "treato", when I look and see what you’ve done, I mean, posted that day. Keep bringing the JOY!!! Thanks, for being you, Doris and Sterling!!!

  2. Love the Golden "Side Eye" Sterling is gorgeous. As a fellow Golden lover, I can appreciate all his little nuances. They are amazing companions.

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