1. You cannot train a dog to detect a seizure. Either it can or it cannot. A seizure alert dog is born with the ability to detect a seizure.

  2. ppl seriously dnt no the difference between a muzzle and the neck collar for the dog. u shouldn’t own a dog if u didn’t no that.

  3. When we train a dog for seizure alert, we train the dog to respond to the synthetic chemical (provided by the Doctor), that the person will give off when they have an actual seizure. This "trainer" said he "hopes" the dog will alert when the child has a seizure. Also, the dog should be wearing a "Don’t Pet Me, I’m Working" patch, not an "Ask To Pet Me, I’m Friendly" patch.

  4. Kenny clean up your language and stop being a rude mean douchebag. My son has seizures and I sure would want to know when he is going to seize.

  5. 2016-2017. This relationship became a NIGHTMARE…
    Initially I was filled with hope for my child. I am a single-mom to a kiddo with a serious epilepsy and a true need for a seizure response dog. After my child’s surgery failed, I scraped together $1,500 of my own savings (which was ALL I had). I also had two generous donors who contributed a combined $4,000. Once those funds were provided to Midwest Assistance Dogs – we stopped hearing from them. Messages left for the director Mark Halasz were not answered. My donors grew concerned and ANGRY. It was a nightmare!

    Finally, after too much time, too many tears, emails and so much fraught, the donations were refunded less $500 of my personal donation ….. which Mark felt was due to them for work they allegedly did on our behalf. (they didn’t do anything for us, and just basically blew smoke at me for ten months).

    HONESTLY, without the very true and serious threat of legal action from the donor, I do not believe the funds would have been returned. The tax forms for the charitable contributions were NEVER provided. Both my donor and I tried several times to contact ANYONE from the Board of Directors, secretary, etc. Not one person replied – I do not believe they even exist.

    I do not know if Midwest Assistance Dogs is a legitimate organization or not. Along with the donors who became involved on my daughter’s behalf, we are truly convinced it is a con. Or maybe they used to do great work and are now basically just one guy running the show.

    NIGHTMARE – do not work with this organization. I am lucky i only lost $500 of my money by trusting them. I had attorneys aligned and ready to file suit…..that is the only reason the donations were returned.

    A nightmare. I wish I had not trusted them. I am lucky it only cost us $500. So sad.

  6. real nice CBS.. ads on a video about a 6 yr old with seizures. You guys would take a coin off a dead man’s eye wouldn’t you?

  7. Why is it necessary for the dog to have that muzzle? Does he bite? Or is it so he can’t eat anything on the floor?

  8. I.have tuberous sclerosis :/ have had seizure before as well.. wish this little girl and her service dog nothing but the best and the family as well!

  9. Why do people think the dog is wearing a muzzle. It’s a gentle leader/head collar, used to control the dog’s pulling. If it _was_ a muzzle it’d be the world’s most useless muzzle. Like it wouldn’t work at all.

  10. Say it as it is: "The dog is for emotional and guard support."

    Please don’t spread misinformation about dogs being able to predict when a seizure is going to happen unless you have scientific evidence, which I strongly and seriously doubt is even possible.

  11. I was born with tubular sclerosis and have two tumors on my heart, but I’ve never had any seizures before. I only know half of what this little girl is going through.

  12. Im with the epilepsy foundation and u can only train for response. Some will develop the ability to alert but its not something you can rely on. There are family pets that have the ability naturally. Any organization that says they train to alert u need to avoid. There is no way to do that for seizures since we dont know for sure what the dog is alerting to

  13. A great friend of mine recently passed away from this condition. I wish he would have used a dog to help him through it but he did make it to 35 and touched my life immensely. I am so glad to see you are doing so much for your girl so early. Big hug to you all and many blessings.

  14. I don’t like how the dog is pulling and gets very distracted on little things plus the "ask to pet I’m friendly" is a big no

  15. We "HOPE" she will detect siezures. Not sure if she will but we will see if she can. WTF! WHAT A SCAM! They use scent detection boxes started off with 1 scent and going up the row of boxes then mixing that 1 scent around then adding a 2nd and so forth. This dog should be able to if they did it correctly. There shouldn’t be hesitation. GD!

  16. Ok people have some learning to do

    1. Service dogs are for many disabilities. Not just the blind. I’m getting a psychiatric SD because I have debilitating generalised anxiety disorder. Tasks for that include but are not limited to:
    -Alerting to anxiety
    -Alerting to anger
    -Deep/Light pressure therapy
    -Guiding from a crowd or building
    -Mobility support due to dizziness and nausea
    -Finding exit
    -Making excuse to make a leave by “alerting” and “needing to go outside”
    -Finding help if you pass out due to hyperventilating

    2. That is a head collar. It does not keep the dog’s mouth shut. It simply allows the dog to feel minor changes better

    3. That dog has not been trained. Some telltale signs are as follows:
    -being very distracted
    -not immediately following commands
    -MAY alert to a seizure (seizure alert cannot be trained. Not all dogs can do it. If you want a good example, please look up Service Dog Colt here on YouTube)

    4. Even if this were a real trained SD, it’s a BIG no-no to say it’s ok to pet. Why?
    -this creates issues for other handlers because now everyone thinks that all dogs can be pet
    -this is supposed to be a seizure alert dog. That dog could miss a life-saving alert if he’s distracted

    To follow up, I’m not saying she doesn’t have a need for a service dog. I don’t doubt that she does. And that’s ok. BUT the parents should have looked into better trainers and talked to professionals a little more because this is not acceptable behaviour from a SD.

  17. I have a SDit whos small a Jack Chi (look it up) and she may be small but I need her! Do not pet working animals even if they are small, she’s working and I need her as a life line

  18. My dogs saved my life because they licked me and whimperd
    and bugged my mom and dad and stayed by my side and they heard a big bang

  19. Do you realize that you made an assertion without backing it up with any sort of proof. That’s like saying "Actually, a black cat CAN bring you bad luck for 6 years." These assertions are meaningless. Anyways, I looked more into these assisting dogs, some of them are trained to call 911 (using a unique device) when no one is around, which makes much more sense.

  20. I bet when she goes to school everybody is gonna wanna be her friend because of that dog

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