Dogs Behind Bars: Inmates as Dog Trainers | Free Doc Bites | Free Documentary

Dogs Behind Bars: Inmates as Dog Trainers | Free Doc Bites | Free Documentary

Free Doc Bites Episode 1: Prison Dogs: Inmates as Dog Trainers
Shelter dogs are threatened with jail time in the USA. Cruel? Not at all! Our canine friends are trained by inmates, tough guys by anybody’s standards. Join us and find out if it’s a good idea. We think so.

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  1. I think all prisons in the US should implement a pet program. Pets really help rehabilitate people, the saying “dogs are mans best friend” holds true for a reason.

  2. Keeping a dog in the incredibly filthy prison cells meant for humans would be considered cruelty to animals. This video is a shitty piece of feel-good propaganda.

  3. Makes me sad that the dog has certain strikes against him already because of his color and breed. Glad he is in this program.

  4. I don’t mind my taxes going to prison programs like these. Its good to see that those inmates are getting a second chance.. I hope they continued doing good . God bless them in their future..

  5. How about bringing in the abandon pets for the prison to take care? Pet shelter will can save resources and prison will have something positive to do.

  6. This is actually beautiful, It’s giving prisoners a second chance. This program should be implemented across the united states, It could potentially change a lot of inmates.

  7. as someone who isnt a psychologist or a veterinary or any sort of expert in a relevant field i think this is a very good idea.
    we humans love to nurture living beings, it helps us grow.
    someone who is convicted of a crime and is being reformed(which is supposed to be the purpose of any penal system) can grow more sensitive to not harming others by being responsible for nurturing a living being.
    and what living being is better than mans best friends….

  8. If we turned over all the feral animals to prisoners to rehabilitate then the death penalty for animals would be much lower.

  9. Not only in this greatly benifitial to the dog, the prisoners and the community, after the prisoners get out, they have great experience with animals. Also, US prisons trying a rehabilitation program? Wow, I’ve never heard of that. Over there it’s mostly first testament.

  10. I was in tht prison Nd I grew up with one of the ones training dogs life brings lots of changes juss which one would you change for

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