Dogs in Prison Train To Be PTSD Service Animals | The Dodo

Dogs in Prison Train To Be PTSD Service Animals | The Dodo

INCREDIBLE Dogs Train To Be PTSD Service Animals | This smart dog is learning how to fetch medicine so he can help a military veteran one day. To help more rescue dogs get their second chance, you can support Karma Rescue:

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  1. I think it’s amazing that they do this. It’s beneficial to everyone involved. I can only imagine though how hard it must be for the inmates when those dogs leave. I’m sure some of them really bonded with the dogs they trained.

  2. Where do you even start with the all-devouring prison industry, which only exists to enlarge itself in lockstep with as much as possible being constantly criminalized?

    And then it constantly works to keep that truth concealed through the endless cultivation of a positive facade like the tripe in this video.

  3. This Has to be one of the best programs that any prison official has ever come up with, aside from school! dogs and people do so much for each other…. it’s so good to see neither being thrown away!!

  4. Though shown only briefly in quick excerpts, the professionals and prison inmates training these authentic working service dogs are, A) training an actual task that mitigates a disability without which no dog is legally a service animal under federal laws and B) they are not using irresponsable equipment that limits control over the animal. This would include extendable leashes and harnesses which contribute to behavior issues like reactivity and lack of focus/hyperactivity.

    Overall this is beautiful interaction between human and animal.

  5. Nobody should be in prison for non violent crimes. Especially for something as stupid as tax evasion, or drug possession. Most of these men should be at home with their own dog.

  6. Not only does it teach the dog, it probably also helps the prisoners become better people, and more happy there. Thank you for showing this to us.

  7. as long as their charge wasn’t bestiality, this is an amazing way to help inmates learn a new skill and learn responsibility for another.

  8. This truly amazing, for both dogs & inmates… This will keep inmates mentally healthy, giving them opportunity For a successful re-entry to society while serving others.

  9. dogs are the guardians of being. true Angels on earth !! anyone who never loved a dog and share a life with them have no clue about what is real unconditional love.

  10. Cool I’m allergic to dogs so I saved a cat from the streets.. and I have deppression Every time I hug her she licks me and I get comfort I started to train her to get me the things I need like if I’m about to faint I tell her to bring me a paper so I can blow myself she learned really quick I guess cats can be service ‘cats’ she’s really helpful but she’s more than a family to me! She’s a mum to me! I don’t use her for services I like to hug her! The most i like about her is when she bites me it hurts but its a love infection

  11. Yeah, but let’s not deal with a major cause of PTSD in the prison system (YouTube wont even let me post a comment containing the word), let’s just ineffectively treat the resulting symptoms!

  12. Prisoners are people. Some of them just made a bad choice one day. This is a great program for those non violent offenders and the people who get the dogfs

  13. Beautiful story! These dogs help so many people. Should make people who obtain false documents saying their dogs are service animals ashamed of themselves.

  14. Thats heart-warming but not too soon in the future there will be robots. Nevertheless dogs (gods? :D) will always stay at the side of humans.

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