Dogs Mauled Burglar to Death!!!

Dogs Mauled Burglar to Death!!!

Dog Attack – In Cape Town a suspected criminal tried to break into a house in Lotus River. Unfortunately for the burglar there were couple of dogs at guard. According to reports dogs were american bull dog and pit bull mix breed. As soon as burglar jumped over the wall to break into the house the dogs attacked him and mauled him badly. The guy was later on rushed to hospital where he was declared dead. The footage was posted on facebook where it went viral and has been circulating all over the internet since then. The bystanders came to the man’s rescue but it was too late as dogs had already been mauling him for quite some time. The bystanders used rocks and sticks to fend off dogs from attacking the man . It is reported that one of the dog was shot as it would not stop attacking the man.


  1. How does that even work? The dogs were doing their jobs. How is that the dogs fault? People gasp and freak out at stuff like this but don’t realize that old peanut here was originally bred for proteeeeection AND companionship.

  2. It’s unfortunate the man died as a wicked thief with a horrific death. He could have done much better for himself and those around him but he chose to do what he knew he ought not to do.

  3. Why were they attacking the dogs. I mean the dogs were put there for protection and when the dog is doing it’s Job it’s like the dogs weren’t supposed to attack and protect against burglars like what the FUCK is up with these human HYPOCRITES

  4. Why shoot the dog the fucking thief decided to go there instead of shooting the dog I would have shot straight to pick and pay to grab them a knuckle bone

  5. That dog should have never been shot just because of that. That guy had it coming. People like that need to learn that once you do a bad thing and keep doing bad things it will eventually catch up to you.

  6. Shot the Dog ? For what reason? If a bulgar meet a Person at Home it can also end Up deadly for the owner. Its Bulgary risk i guess.

  7. Listen, I’m all for the dogs doing what they should, but the difference comes when he is laying down defeated and the owners or camera person just standing letting the dogs continually attack a non moving or fighting back intruder and sit back as they rip the throat of the intruder. That’s where my moral compass just flips. That’s where I start to feel like it’s just cruel. Robbery doesn’t equal murder. Just my thoughts.

  8. I have a pit, and if anyone shot him for doing what he needed to do, I’d have to shoot back. These dogs did nothing wrong. Nothing.

  9. Thing is most of these poor people are not breaking in, in SA it’s common for these guys to go door to door asking for odd jobs etc, these people probably set their dogs onto him as he begged for work…

  10. Why did not shoot the robber to stop the attack the dog is doing his job … I hope the owners get compensation

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